This Week…

I am looking back to this post and updating it…





It’s been half term and we have been to visit Grandma and Grandad Patch. It’s such a long time since we were there, the last time was in the summer holidays I think. It’s been a chilled out yet busy week again.  There have been outings, delicious food, lots of quality family time and lots of yarn-related fun. The last set of pictures were taken at The Puzzling Place in Keswick, excellent for a rainy afternoon. Grandma and I even got some shopping done without boys – think I might start encouraging the fishing activity!!! We have had a fantastic break. We are back to school today and I am back to work tomorrow, still covering for staff illness. I have been making the most of the last couple of days to get organised for the coming half term. The sun is out today although the wind is icy and, despite the threat of snow tonight, I am hoping for some springy-ness soon. The sunshine looks hopeful.


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