Five Small Things….

… that make me happy…

1. Paying It Forward…

A wonderful colleague who is also a knitter gave me some scraps of yarn after we had been comparing our yarn addiction one day. I thought it only fair to make something for her from it so I had a go at a crocheted rose brooch. If you haven’t tried one before I recommend you give it a go. It starts life as a long piece of crochet (like a piece of lacy edging or trim) which you wind up to form a rose. I used this pattern. My long lacy piece looked fine but I wasn’t sure how it would look until I had a go at winding it up. I was very impressed, such a simple technique producing stunning results. I have a feeling there will be more of these to come, especially when the other ladies at work see it!

2. Kitchen Planning…

Our kitchen has huge potential. There’s lots of space and The Beast is a fantastic, useful and well-loved focal point but our units are old, grubby and very limited. We have no drawers, not one! We have coped with it since we moved in but it really needs sorting out. We are starting to take the first steps to doing just that. Last weekend I spent some time measuring and considering what could be. We have a long way to go but we have taken the first tiny step.

3. Moving To The Darkside?..

No, not really. Another colleague (who I have been teaching to crochet) has decided to start a craft club after discovering that there are quite a few girls in school who are into knitting. She is planning to make squares/blankets for charity. I jumped at the chance to help, but thought I had better brush up on my knitting skills before we start. This did not make me happy! It has greatly reinforced the fact that I am very much a crocheter (although I can knit the basic stitches perfectly well). But I am very happy to be helping with the club… and secretly hoping that I might inspire some of them to learn crochet.

4. The March Of Time…

This is another double edged thing. Little J went off to his first Beavers sleepover this morning. It is truly wonderful to see how he is growing up and maturing, he seems to be doing a lot of it right now. It makes me pleased and proud. He also brought a C.A.R.E award home from school yesterday (they are only given to one caring child every half term). But I was surprised to also find myself feeling a bit sad once he had gone this morning. I’m not usually a mushy person and I know it’s ridiculous because a)he’s back tomorrow, b)he’s with Mr P who is a Beaver Leader, and c)he’s only in the scout hut in the next village!!!!! But I guess it’s bittersweet because it’s a small milestone that is pointing to things to come. Funny how your emotions can surprise you sometimes.

5. Hexagon Love…

Well I don’t think I really need to explain this one, do I!!! I have spent most of this half term doing extra to cover for other staff who are off sick. I’ve hardly seen the Year 6 I normally work with because I have been in other classes. It’s been interesting but also tiring so I have fallen asleep in the chair some evenings and not done much crochet. But the Baby Hexie-a-Day (BHAD???!!!) blanket has continued to grow as I have had a couple of evenings where I have done quite a few hexies to make up for the days I did none.

I’m joining in with Rachell and her Five Things post. What Five Things make you happy??? Write a post and add your link to her page.


9 thoughts on “Five Small Things….

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    One of my blogging fellows (Jacob at challenged me to post 15 different comments today, each calling out something I love on the blogs I chose to visit (in order to share the love on this day of love). 🙂 I love these “little” elements of appreciation – especially those hexagons! 🙂

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