Collaboration Complete…. Hurrah!!

Happy Wednesday my Friends and fellow Crocheteers, I am here to share a wonderful piece of news with you. A few weeks ago I had an email from the lovely Angela in Singapore, to tell me that she had received our beautiful Collaborative Crochet Blanket. This was a huge relief to me as I was concerned about it getting there successfully, especially with all the Christmas post. Thankfully my worries were unnecessary and she received it no problem.

It really warms my heart to think of Angela snuggling with our blanket many miles away in Singapore, made by friends around the world who crocheted a little bit of love into each hexagon. I hope it warms all of your hearts too. A huge thank you to all of you who took part… there would have been no blanket without you and consequently no fuzzy warm feelings for us all.

In the email Angela promised to write a post about it very soon, which she has done. So if you don’t follow her already then you can follow this link to read all about it.

If you want to know more about our blanket you can read about it’s beginnings here.


7 thoughts on “Collaboration Complete…. Hurrah!!

  1. I was so happy that Angela won the blanket, well deserved. It is definitely a warm fuzzy feeling I get when I spot my hexies in the mix. I loved taking part in this and joining in with blogging friends but the biggest thanks have to go to you for inviting us ans putting it all together to make this fabulous creation. Thank you x

    • I love the thought of you all sitting peering at the photo’s trying to spot the ones you made 😀 Projects always have their ups and downs and I thought I would never get it finished but it was definitely all worth it when I look at the photos of it now.

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