Crochet Catch-up

Towards the end of 2014, when things got busy and I didn’t get much time to blog, I still managed to get my essential crochet time in. Let’s face it – the day is not right without a bit of crochet, no matter how busy you are. I had Big J’s Ripple to continue and the Collaborative Crochet Blanket to finish, but in between times I found a variety of small things to make to keep me entertained. Sometimes these small things took on a life of their own and became larger undertakings as you shall discover.

In October I worked on another Granny Hottie made from my dwindling yarn scraps, which became a birthday present for Biglittlebro’s girlfriend (now his fiancee…. hurrah!!). I have some pics of it in progress, but none of it finished sadly. I followed the instructions at Foxs Lane for this again. I realised while making it that I was actually struggling to choose colours because my selection had become so small…. so time for some yarn shopping!!

Next, in November, I made a couple of crocheted poppies. Some of my work colleagues spotted them and then it turned into a poppy making marathon. I hadn’t intended to make poppies for everyone in time for the 11th so it was a bit of a challenge. I pretty much managed it, or I thought I had until one colleague reminded me she hadn’t had hers, but she was happy to have it late for next year. See what I mean about things taking on a life of their own!! Lots of patterns on the interwebz for these. I only have rubbish pictures I’m afraid!


Then December came around and I started off with a few little snowflakes. Patterns were from various places…. websites, free downloadable pdf’s etc. These were given as part of presents at Christmas, often attached to the wrapping as a decoration. I attached loops so they could be hung on the tree in years to come. I had a grand plan to redo my door wreath with some attached but I never got round to my door wreath this year…. I’ll keep that idea for next year. There were more, but I haven’t got pictures of them all.

After that I started on gingerbread men. I planned to make one each for the boys teachers. Foolishly I posted a photo on Facebook (will I ever learn?!!), the girls at work spotted it and, yes, you guessed it, I had lots of requests for gingerbread men and a limited amount of time to make them in. These have even inspired a colleague to learn to crochet and I have been teaching her on our lunch breaks…. brilliant!!!

Once the madness of Christmas was over, in between bouts of rippling, I remembered I had promised to have a go at a crocheted owl for a relative. I had a scout about for patterns and decided I liked this one best from Jacqui at Bunny Mummy. I was really pleased with my first attempt and had to carry on and make a couple more in different colour combinations. I also broke out some of the new Stylecraft colours I got before Christmas to play with.

January began… the time for year-long CALs. I was looking for a fun, simple CAL to join in with and spotted the Baby Hexagon a Day Blanket. I didn’t fancy doing a Mood Blanket last year… pretty sure mine would mostly be one colour!!! But this is a pretty idea and, with a little persuading from Rachell, I jumped in with both feet. I have no plans for colours, I’m just choosing randomly from any scraps I have (but carefully placing them next to others that fit colourwise… no clashing allowed!). The beauty of this CAL is that one tiny hexagon is extremely easy to do everyday… it only takes five minutes. So if I get a bit behind I can catch up easily. I can also continue with other projects at the same time with ease. At the moment I am doing my hexie and then a few rows of ripple in the evening. It is the perfect CAL. The hexies are quite addictive so many people have already got more than 11 done…. they will be able to have a week off later! I’m sticking with my one-a-day plan (…. it may well change later!). There were a couple of different patterns around so I tried them both and chose my favourite, it’s over on Rachell’s blog if you want to try it and join us.

I’m quite pleased with it’s progress so far, but I am also looking forward to watching it evolve. I still have the Mamachee boots to start and a huge ball of chunky yarn that I got before Christmas with the intention of making another Calm Cowl with. I have an Amazon voucher to spend and I am deciding what to use it for, but have a couple of yarn related books in mind plus a book I got from the library yesterday as inspiration. I also need to start a baby blanket for a relative very soon to make sure it’s ready in time. So I have plenty to be getting on with. Hurrah!!!

Have you started anything new for 2015? Or do you have lots of yarn plans??


19 thoughts on “Crochet Catch-up

  1. those gingerbreadies are fabulous 🙂 as they say in california, “thanks for sharing”.
    i am tempted to try the baby hexies thing, because i know i will feel like a total loser when everyone else has finished theirs and I have f-all to show, but the last time I participated in a cal (Rachel’s) I bombed out after a couple of weeks. I still feel the shame…..

  2. Thank you Jill, that’s exactly how I feel: a total loser when everyone else has finished theirs … In early January I thought my list on anything yarn was empty – well, actually it is not (and never was). A huge triangle wrap for my neighbour, a baby blanket for a lovely friend, another pair of socks for my son. A wrap I need to design and write down the pattern, all those “WIP 2014 survivors” and two blogs to feed … So far, I did not give myself permission to start something new. Even if it’s only 5 minutes the day. Little things become big before you realize it – but who I am telling this 🙂

    • I’m hoping the little things (hexagons) become big….. But in a good way!!! Sounds like you have lots to get on with…. And so do I really…. But I’ll do hexagons and socks and who knows what else to distract myself…. I’m very good at that!!! 😉

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