…. and Forwards.

So here we are in the morning of the year once more. Again we have a blank page to fill, so many possibilities and so much time ahead. The days are brimming with hope, possibility and optimism once more. We have a fresh start, a new beginning.

A minimal amount of looking back is good…. you can see how far you have come, what you have achieved. I had forgotten I finished the Cottage Garden Blanket in 2014… so that means I completed two blankets last year (with your help) and made significant progress on a third…. sounds pretty good doesn’t it! We had lots of family fun too and spent good times with special friends and loved ones.

But, as ever, forwards is the way to go. Onwards and, with any luck, upwards.

I have a few hopes and plans for the year and again I’m trying to keep them at a manageable level, keep them achievable. But I am going to make note of a few here this year, so I can keep track and see how we get on.

Last year Mr P declared it “the year of the shed” – the shed was removed…. but has yet to be rebuilt. We will continue with that. We have declared this year “the year of the house” that means we want to get on with some interior work and more specifically the kitchen. We are frustrated with living here and it not being how we want it to be.

Grandma Ch gave me a notebook for Christmas this year. It’s very special and pretty. I decided this morning that I am going to use it to note down something positive everyday, to count my blessings.

And, of course, I hope know that 2015 will be full of crafty and bloggy goodness with all of you.

So here’s to a fantastic year for each and everyone of you. May your hopes and plans be hugely successful.


10 thoughts on “…. and Forwards.

  1. Onwards and upwards – same to you! Another 361 days to go and I am very much looking forward to sharing them (online) with you – Carina.

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