And the winner is…

Hello all you incredibly patient Crocheteers, how are you all today? Curious?? Excited?? I know I am.

But before we have the big reveal let’s get mushy and have a look back at what we have done. We started in February here with the words…

This blanket does not mind who you are,
it does not mind where you are,
it does not mind whether you are a beginner or an expert crocheter….
It is a multi-cultural, worldly-wise, love-filled blanket!

Now some stats… it has been made by 12 lovely people from 5 countries on 4 different continents. Hexagons have come from Singapore, S. Africa, UK, USA and Germany so it is definitely multi-cultural. Two of our Crocheteers were also absolute beginners but I challenge you to spot their hexagons, they are so good. Have a look at all the wonderful hexagons we received…

Would you like to see the completed blanket?? Ok here goes…

What do you think?? Click on any of those pictures to see them close up.

Ok so now to the really exciting bit… I have enlisted the help of my two independent adjudicators (Big J and Little J) to witness the drawing of the name out of the hat and ensure that there is no cheating whatsoever. Drum roll please…..

The winner is……….. Angela (aka Wisher)!!!!!

Email me at with your address and I will have the blanket winging it’s way to you in Singapore. Angela sent us some very tropical looking hexagons that you can read about here. You can find Angela’s blog here.

Before I go can I say an enormous thank you to everyone who has taken part. Thank you for your time and effort and thank you for being so patient with me. I know you must have been wondering what on earth had happened to it and if it would ever be finished. You should all be enormously proud of yourselves. Working together, you have created something incredibly beautiful and totally unique, something that I could not quite imagine when we first began. It is something to treasure and has been made with much love and enjoyment. It makes me smile when I look at it and I am sure it will give Angela years of pleasure.


14 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Patch – thank you so much for everything: the idea, the organization and – last but not least – for joining the hexagons! I am seriously very proud to be part of such an international team! Enjoy Advent season and if ever you plan on doing something international again: I am here 🙂

  2. Hi, wow it looks amazing! Well done everyone involved. Hope you are well? Bet your boys are excited about Christmas! J xx

  3. Stunning!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!! I loved taking part and feeling involved (it doesn’t happen often these days, that I manage to get involved in other people’s projects!), and am delighted it’s flying off to an exotic land. xxx

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  5. The blanket looks wonderful! I can’t believe I missed this post back in December. And you have added an incredible amount of work to it too! I like how you have managed to incorporate a mass of fairly random hexagons into a single cohesive blanket.

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