It’s Hama Time!!! (Or… Who threw that sword??).

Well it’s been a hugely creative week here in Patchland. It all started with a visit from friends on Monday. One of them wanted to have a go with our Rainbow loom, which led to a flurry of loom bands, which then lead to an avalanche of hama beads (see what I did with that title?!). Add into the mix a sprinkle of Halloween costume making and a scoop of pumpkin carving and you end up with an enormous, delicious, creative pie. I have loved every minute. Especially the fact that Big J has been joining in, because he finds the concentration and fine motor skills required quite a challenge. Here are the photos…

The hama beads have come out, on the kitchen table, before breakfast for the last three mornings this week. We have had to scoot it all up to one end of the table so we can eat at the other end!! They have been a little bit obsessed. I think it’s wearing off with Big J now but Little J is still creating and I have at least three items waiting on the ironing board to be fused and there’s another in progress. Brilliant! They can get on very well without any help but they do like it if I sit with them and sort the colours into dishes. I even had to send Mr P to get them another tub of beads on Wednesday.

Of course we have had to prepare for Halloween. Neither boy was keen at the beginning of the week (they are always a little bit scared… but that’s part of the fun right??) but then Little J was invited to his friends house for a mini party and that started him thinking about costumes. Initially he wanted to slash an old t-shirt and jeans as though he had been attacked by a werewolf but, after googling for ideas and then looking for resources, inspiration struck.

Very pleased with that costume… so simple and so effective (and virtually free… all made from things we had already).

Big J was even more last minute, asking on Thursday if he could go trick or treating with his friend. Mr P had needed a costume for Beavers the week before though (I know it’s disappointing, but I have no picture of him!) and Big J was happy to borrow it. The previous week I had sent Mr P in search of fun fur in Leeds (none here) so I could make a tail, ears, paws and a hairy chest wig for a werewolf costume. The tail is the best bit… so lovely and soft, I think it will get used for lots of costumes. The paws are good too. Apologies, the photo is terrible!! He was a bit miffed that a few people thought he was a bunny rabbit!!

Then there was the pumpkin carving. The boys can cope with the scooping out but always want me to do the carving. This year Minecraft pumpkins were requested…

I have also been working on the Collaborative Crochet Blanket, Big J’s ripple and a few poppies for Remembrance Day which need a little finishing so I will put those in another post. Today we are off to visit Cousin H and see the Blackpool Illuminations. I guess I will have to start thinking about the “C” word soon.

How’s your week been???



4 thoughts on “It’s Hama Time!!! (Or… Who threw that sword??).

    • Hama beads are wonderfully simple. I can quite happily spend hours and hours creating with them… can’t spend hours playing football though, too boring!

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