Ripple Blanket Update

Phew! That was another mad week, but we made it to the end. And now we can breathe and relax….. it’s half term. Crochet has been lacking because I have been sewing in name tapes, making birthday cakes and creating werewolf costumes (hmmmm… still need to get a photo of that). So I thought I would show you the progress that has been made with Big J’s blanket.

You can see another whole repeat of the pattern plus a little bit more. It’s fair to say that it’s rate of growth has slowed somewhat. I’m blaming the fact that it is too big to carry around with me and couldn’t be taken on holiday in the summer. And a general overall lack of crochet mojo. Hey ho! Crochet season has arrived and it’s lovely to sit near the fire and snuggle under it whilst crocheting, listening to the wind and rain outside. Perhaps it will grow more quickly now.

Friday was a training day at my school, but the boys’ school didn’t have one, so I got a whole extra day to myself which was brilliant after the busy week we have had. I chose to do the basics of housework and to spend the rest of the day on me. It was wet and windy so I lit the fire early and pondered whether to get my book finished or to crochet…. crochet won (not enjoying the book!) but then I wasn’t feeling the love for the ripple so wondered what to do??? Believe it or not I did actually get on with the Collaborative Crochet Blanket… I know…. I am rubbish… I’m sorry! BUT it is starting to look BRILLIANT. But no photo’s my friends, you will have to wait for the big reveal. I promise to finish it in 2014…. otherwise it will become the Collaborative Crochet Blanket 2015!!! And we can’t have that.

What are you up to this weekend? Crochet? Reading? Something more exciting??



13 thoughts on “Ripple Blanket Update

    • All joined now… making border decisions. Looking good… and my enthusiasm and excitement for it are refreshed too. It WILL be finished before I start anything else.

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