Hot Granny….. Squares!!

At last….. an ordinary weekend! Not had one of those in a while! I’m here, at the computer, I have coffee, the radio is on and all is quiet. Boys have gone to karate and swimming. Time for a crochet post.

Because Big J’s Blanket and the Collaborative Crochet Blanket are both rather large to carry around these days, I needed something smaller and more portable while I was camping. You might remember that I mentioned the granny-hottie-along and the Mamachee boots. I chose the granny hottie first, thinking I would use some of my Stylecraft Special DK scraps and ordered some hot water bottles. They were very cheap and I found some mini ones, as well as normal sized, which I thought were rather cute. Work got underway in the car on the way to our first campsite.


Kate’s instructions were nice and clear, but also not patronising or prescriptive. She assumes you have some basic crochet knowledge and does not teach you the stitches or joining methods so if you are an absolute beginner it is maybe not for you. If you have mastered the basics though, jump right in, it’s perfect. My progress was not as fast as it might have been due to being out and about a lot. Also it’s tricky crocheting in the dark when everyone else wants to use the head torch! We tend to all go to bed early when camping because we’re up early too, but I got a bit done.

Work continued at home once we returned and at a faster pace. I soon realised my squares were coming out larger than Kate’s… I think her yarn was finer than mine. So rather than having three rows across the normal sized hot water bottle, I only had two. I had made the required number of squares but would only need half of them…. so they are ready to cover another standard sized bottle… hurrah!! I continued and joined two blocks of six squares for each side of the bottle.

Next I had to add a border around the edge of the blocks and then attach the two sides to the bottle by joining the two long edges. Kate explains it much more clearly! Then came the bit I found a little tricky…. crocheting around the neck of the bottle with the bottle in place. I had to adapt my normal crochet “hold” to make my stitches work…. it felt like the bottle was in the way and I was all clumsy again like when I first tried crochet. Does that make sense? I persevered though and it wasn’t so hard that it would put me off making another. I think the struggle was worth it for a pretty, snuggly hottie. I certainly appreciated it last night when I was feeling tired and grotty after a long week and some very autumnal weather (foggy, damp, drizzly but humid all week, whilst other parts of the country have enjoyed warm sunshine!). I got my pj’s on early, as soon as both boys were tucked up, and filled my hottie and made hot chocolate. Very rock ‘n’ roll for a Friday night!


Tonight I won’t be getting my pj’s on and filling my hottie at 8.30 because we have a gig to go to. That’s more like it!!! Sunday, I will be a bit more like an old lady again because I am off to have a long overdue eye test. I have had to admit to myself that I really do need some reading glasses!

14 thoughts on “Hot Granny….. Squares!!

  1. Hot chocolate is my favorite cold-weather drink! That with the occasional jaunt over to peppermint tea. Mmm, mmm.

    I have always wanted to to a hot water bottle cover but never looked into getting a bottle to do it with. Might make that a project for this winter. Looks like a nice and short project.

  2. one headtorch between the four of you? Classic!!!!!!!
    Beautiful hottie cover, there really is nothing like one of those babies on a cold night. Of course, it’s even better if Brad Pitt offers to fill it and bring it to the bed for you, but even when he’s not around….:-)

    • I think there are three head torches, I am the only one who does not have one!! But usually at least one has flat batteries!! Must remedy that next year!…. I’d prefer Johnny Depp but Brad will do if Johnny’s not around 😉

    • Thank you. Red seemed like the natural choice but I think my next one will have a blue edge. Should have said in the post but if you look on Instagram under #grannyhottie you can see everyone else’s variations.

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