Where have I been (again)???

Well, hellooooo there! I can’t believe I haven’t got a post written for over a month!!! I really hope you are all still out there and haven’t deserted me. The answer to the question is exactly the same as last time…..  Living life. The holidays had relaxing moments but were more of a change, rather than a rest. Much fun was had by all concerned and now we have been thrown back into term time and it’s still pretty busy.

There has been…

Mr P’s party,

our camping holiday to Somerset and Cornwall (2 weeks),

a builder on the roof,

a visit from cousins,

school uniform shopping,

a 10th Birthday,

back to school and work,

a camping weekend with friends,

medical stuff (yuk),

a Beaver Funday,

and a belated 10th Birthday celebration with friends.

There has been VERY IMPORTANT granny hottie CAL-ing too. It is now finished so I will be resuming the completion of the Collaborative Crochet Blanket before I get distracted again, probably by the Mamachee boots!

Here are the photos…

… from the party (it was difficult to get good pictures).

… from Somerset.

… from Cornwall.

… and other stuff.


You might have already seen some of these photos if you follow me on Instagram. You can find me there as “MADEBYPATCH”, come and say hello. It’s my new favourite internet thing. Sooooo much crochet beautifulness on there.

Coming up we have a high school application to complete (eeek!) and open evenings to go to, a couple of gigs, a residential visit with school and another birthday. I shall endeavour to fit lots of crochet and blogging in too. Please comment and let me know you are still out there reading. See you soon.

8 thoughts on “Where have I been (again)???

  1. So pleased you’ve made a return to blogland. Love your photos. It’s so nice to see a little of what you have been up to! I’ve never been to the Eden project. I so want to go.

    • Thank you. Eden was good and their shop is good too…. excellent retail therapy! I think my other favourite place was our trip down the Lizard Peninsula to the cafe with the huge meringues and then exploring Kynance Cove…. that was typical Cornwall to me.

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