Here is the news…

Hello Dear Friends, how goes it with you? We have had an extremely quiet and homey week after all the preceding busyness, it’s been wonderful. Today I am back in my usual Saturday routine, so I’m here in the peace and quiet, with my coffee, at Karate time. It’s grey, cool and a bit damp but I haven’t succumbed to socks and a jumper… yet (British Summer!)! I’m listening to My Bloody Valentine with my handsome doggy visitor to keep me company today as I type.



In family news… there has been lots of time this week for play. With each other, with me and with friends. Little J has had an urge to play “Mopoly” and Big J had an urge to play Risk so we have done both. They did well with Mopoly, the scores were very close. They need to practice Risk… they need tactical support (but then so do I, so we are probably pretty well matched!!).

In planning news… we are getting ready for a party… to celebrate Mr P’s significant birthday. He has booked a local village hall, a ceilidh band and a caterer. Family and friends have been invited. This week I need to get my head around sleeping and food arrangements at our house (it’s going to be full again.. hurrah!). We are also planning for our summer camping trip. We are hoping to go south, perhaps to Devon and Cornwall because we have not explored down there.

In garden news… I’m feeling a bit “dismotivated” (seems to fit better than unmotivated just now). Like everything elseit got neglected when things got busy and did a significant amount of growing because the conditions were perfect… lots of sunshine and showers. Much of what was there has started to flower, gone to seed or been munched even more. Here’s the gallery of shame…


I have been out and done a bit of tidying up and weeding this week. I’m trying to take note of the lessons I should be learning from my mistakes and really I need to get out there and do some more planting but like I said…. dismotivation!!! On the bright side, the sweet peas are still doing ok.

In chore news…. there has been plenty of time to get caught up with these. I have been having a bit of a decluttering focus on the boys bedrooms. This week I have been working my way round Little J’s room and next week Big J’s will get the treatment. It’s been a collaboration, they have been roped in to help, especially with telling me which toys/books are potential charity shop items. We have also had a rethink with how to get them more involved with everyday chores. Basically if they want extra computer time they have to do chores to earn it. It has worked brilliantly so far. I have come down in the morning to find the table laid for breakfast and I have had to sit on my hands to make sure I don’t start tidying away and stop them from doing one of their jobs.


In food news… I’m trying to have a back to basics week by being super-healthy with food. I have a new favourite roasted veg couscous recipe…. great with halloumi cheese. I also tried something new on the dessert front… Raspberry and Lemon Semi-Freddo. A bit like ice cream but much healthier. Fruity and fresh, Mr P did struggle with it a little, pulling what the boys call his “lemon face”. It doesn’t take much to make him pull that face. He will be pulling it when everyone else thinks it’s fine! It always entertains us greatly when that happens. I’ll have to sweeten it more for him next time.

In book news… I am making myself finish “The Husband’s Secret”… I put it down for ages, it obviously hadn’t grabbed me and when things got busy… you know the story. But I want to start the third Game of Thrones book so I need to finish it first. I hate leaving books half read, it’s a very bad habit to get into….. but on the other hand life is too short and there are too many good books out there to persevere with books that you are really struggling with. This one is not a particular struggle though so I will persevere.

And finally, in crochet news… there has been more rippling done on Big J’s Blanket. For all you Collaborative Crochet Blanketeers, you will be pleased to know that it is coming along very nicely, but that is all I am saying… no spoilers. Thought I better put you out of your misery as you must be wondering. Having two large projects on the go but no small ones, I thought I would have to hunt about for something small to go inbetween and now I have found two.

One is the granny-hottie-a-long being run by Kate over at Foxs Lane. I have always loved the idea of a crochet hot water bottle but never done one, so here’s my chance. I have plenty of scrap yarn to use, just need to get hold of some hot water bottles…. I have a feeling there may be more than one made!!

Whilst surfing the net I saw on Facebook that Tara of Mamachee was giving away one free crochet pattern at her Ravelry store. I have long been an admirer of her patterns but have never tried one, so I jumped at the chance of a free pattern and downloaded the adult sized Mamachee boots. Small project number two! Time for some shopping.

And there you have it, that’s the news for now. What’s your news???


7 thoughts on “Here is the news…

  1. Enjoyable read! Glad to hear things are well overall. Sorry to hear about the garden. We’re kinda in a similar boat here. Over half the things we planted gotten eaten by bunnies. And slugs! I didn’t think we had any because I haven’t seen them in 3 years. But this year, we have them. Go figure.

    Very curious about the semi-freddo (not sure what that is but it looks delish). I’ve been making Greek yogurt, then we throw in maple syrup or honey and handfuls of frozen berries (various family members recently picked blueberries and raspberries). It freezes the yogurt a little, although it’s not exactly like frozen yogurt. Still yummy for a cold snack on these hot days!

    • It’s sort of like frozen yogurt with berries. You make it, freeze it then defrost it a bit before eating so it’s a bit melty. Italian I think, translates as “semi frozen”? No slugs for three years sounds like heaven!

  2. Great post! If ever you make it as south as Berlin: here’s another J crazy for Monopoly AND Risk. Looking very much forward to the party write-up 🙂

  3. Great post! I’m going to do the couscous roast veg halloumi thing this week. Love that hottie CAL too!
    Our summer veg has all but finished so my plot is looking a little neglected but spurred on by Monty Don on Friday night I’m going to plop in summer winter cabbages today. I’ve never used my beds through the winter so this’ll be a first.
    So your post has more or less sorted me for the week!

  4. You got lots of energy, lass! I think you’ve motivated me to go outside and take a cold hard look at my own little patch of garden, which has been badly neglected over winter. But I only said I THINK! My sewing machine is calling me today…..

  5. That dessert looks rather yummy. I quite like something with a bit of tartness to it.

    Something has been munching on my basil so it looks a bit like your photos. I had a job to find some nice leaves to pop in last night’s salad.

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