Where have I been???

Living life….. that’s the answer to that question. The end of term was as busy as the rest of it but thankfully the holidays are here and we are relaxing and enjoying…. breathing long and deep. Yes it’s been busy but it’s also been a lot of fun, I have pretty much enjoyed it all. There has been…

extra hours at work,

a horrible cold that made me lose my voice for a couple of weeks,

a school trip with work,

a costume to make for…

a minibeast picnic,

Cub and Beaver camp,

a handsome visitor,

more extra hours at work,

a night out to see The Levellers,

presents to buy,

a cake to make for…

a birthday,

props to make for…

Crazy Hair Day,

garden excitement (thank you Rachel),

a trip to Grandma P’s with visits to all our favourite places,

a sprained ankle.

And of course don’t forget the important stuff… rippling, hexagoning, an attempt at pattern writing and other general crochet-play.

Here are the photos…



And at Grandma P’s…..

You might have already seen some of these photos if you follow me on Facebook. You can find me on Instagram too now as “MADEBYPATCH”, come and say hello. I’ll make a button here for Instagram soon. Now I have a little more time on my hands hopefully I’ll be along here a bit more often. How’s your summer going??


9 thoughts on “Where have I been???

  1. Hello, good to have you around again, especially good to see what you and yours have been up to! Enjoyed looking at your photo’s, smiling as I scrolled thru them! Bye for now, Jay x

    • Glad you enjoyed them. I have had some half written blog posts that have never got finished!! Very pleased you haven’t all deserted me!

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