Yellow Bicycles and Red Spots.

Well it’s all gone “Le Tour” mad. There’s bunting and bicycles, yellow or white with red spots everywhere. The town is looking very special and very pretty and the excitement is definitely growing. I had a quick morning excursion to find some decor for our little house on Monday and took the opportunity to get some photos. I very nearly missed the yarn bombed bike above as I was so busy taking a photo of the skeleton on a bike, it was just lucky I went back that way.

Even the planters and hanging baskets are full of red and white flowers.

If you are a fan of  “Last of the Summer Wine” (which was filmed here and in the surrounding area) then you might recognise this next place…


.. yep it’s Sid’s Cafe. But as you can see it has a new look with it’s King of the Mountain spots.

As well as all the decorations traffic restriction signs have been popping up all over the place (don’t ask!), never mind the roadworks we have had to make sure the roads are suitable! The roadworks are all gone now. We are wondering how chaotic it will be but we will be in amongst the action at the weekend as Le Tour passes through. Don’t know if I will get any decent photos but I’ll try. Will you be watching Le Tour? I’ll wave.


12 thoughts on “Yellow Bicycles and Red Spots.

  1. Speaking to others who live ‘enroute’ you are either loving or hating Le Tour right now. I think you are so lucky to be in the midst of it all. It is very difficult to decide what to do for the best. With all the roads closures we would have to be parked up for 5.30am just to watch. Have a great time.

    • You are not wrong. It has certainly been a bit if a love/hate relationship. I have had my moments whilst trying to find out details about road restrictions and being given lots of misinformation. Although we are not on the actual route we have no parking on our road so will have to organise what to do with our car and our guests cars!! Hey ho. We are resigned to going with the flow, enjoying the festival atmosphere and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  2. Wow…. love it all, well done to every one who has gone a bit Le Tour bonkers, my utmost favourite photo so far has to be the cafe with red spots… G-R-E-A-T ! Me with a BIG smile on my face!
    Jay x

    • It does look brilliant and makes me smile too. There are changes and additions everyday at the moment… yesterday a big welcome banner across the road and today barriers for spectators have started appearing. It’s all very exciting.

  3. Brings back memories of the Giro D’Italia which was in Northern Ireland in May – everything was pink! Have fun, I’m sure your boys will love it. Jean

  4. I spent 7 hours crawling around the fields of Hinchliffe mill pegging parachutes to the fields. 35 of them…. Have you seen them? I am so exhausted now I am going to watch the race from the comfort of my sofa!! Le Tour passed my friends house in Skipton yesterday, she says it was amazing. Enjoy!

    • Oh well done. I’m sad to say I haven’t seen them but I did read about them being created. I really wanted to take a drive up there to see it all but it was so busy 😦

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