Garden Update.

Told you the blogging would be erratic! Still here though.

I have been meaning to post this for a while, finally here I am. These pictures were taken about a week ago.

Some things are looking a bit munched by the dreaded slugs. Somethings are not. Our slugs aren’t so keen on sweet peas – hurrah!

Certain things I planted from seed have failed to appear at all – sweetcorn, squash. And certain things I never got round to planting – celeriac. That accounts for the gaps in the boxes.

Others I think got eaten as soon as they germinated – dwarf french beans and carrots. The first lot of beans didn’t seem to germinate and the second were munched – I have two, weak-looking, little plants left. I am wondering if I would have more success if I started the beans in pots. More slug controls would help too obviously. The carrots were definitely there but are not there now!

Radishes have been incredibly easy to grow – shame the boys aren’t keen on them.

The peas are doing ok – bit slug munched but the first sowing are much happier now they have stuff to climb up and actually have flowers on them (no photo – sorry!). Sweet peas are doing well too but no sign of flowers yet.

Leaf salad (Italian mix) has grown well. I had an amusing (now, but not at the time) incident with a tiny slug when I used some of it one day – sadly it has put Little J off eating things from the garden at the moment.

Cabbages are pretty munched and I am wondering when I should pull up the golden beetroot. The things sown as plants have definitely done better than the seeds.

I would really like to get some more stuff planted but it’s looking unlikely for the next couple of weeks. But also looking forward to spending quality time in the garden with dear friends at the weekend…. soul food.

How does your garden grow??


12 thoughts on “Garden Update.

  1. Looks good in spite of the slugs! Our garden just germinated (it’s late for our area, but the first round of planting didn’t produce anything at all). We don’t have slugs, but we have rabbits and deer. Mostly the deer. The other day we discovered a young fawn had been living in the garden…solved the mystery of who was nipping the corn, but we’re still not sure how it got in there. The fence is 10′ high with a hot wire around the bottom AND the top!

  2. You have my sympathy re the slugs. The only way I have ever foiled them is to have a physical barrier like an improvised cloche. Except for the Rocket: they don’e seem to like that. At the moment my garden is rather neglected. No attempt to grow edibles and everything else grown so large I don’t what to do.

  3. We have the same problem. This year we’ve put a load of strawberry plants into hanging baskets and so far the slugs/snails/woodlice haven’t figured out how to get them 😉

  4. Plug pellets – not harmful to pets but it’s not good for the slugs! I know others use beer traps, egg shells and coffee grounds but I scatter pellets and my plants are unscathed.

    I’d probably grow in pots on windowsills, or a greenhouse, and then plant out. But you don’t know till you try it.

    • I did get some pellety stuff that is made from wool recently and have tried it on a couple of plants. Might try coffee grounds too but will no doubt resort to normal slug pellets when everything else fails. You are right, you don’t know till you try it and that is exactly what I have been doing this year… Trying it. Next year I shall try it a different way!!

  5. Your raised beds are exactly what I want for our garden. I’ve just shown your photos to my husband and given him his instructions 🙂
    Based on how many slugs we have without even having any veg yet, I think I’ll definitely be using pellets along with the eggshells.

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