Collaborative Crochet Blanket Update (and a question).

Here’s a post for all of you who are wondering how it’s going.

After collecting all the hexagons together, laying them out (there are photos but that would be too much like spoilers, sorry) and pondering over it for a while, some decisions have been made and work has begun.

Because of variations in yarn used (you wouldn’t think that there was such a big difference between dk yarns but there apparently is), the hexagons have fallen into two different sized groups. You might be able to make that out in the photo above. Now if we had been making squares this might have been less of an issue, tessellation might have been easier…. different sized squares can tessellate well with each other. Hexagons however, do not. I could merrily join them anyway but I do not think it would make the best blanket. I can’t really frog a round of the larger hexagons so I am going to add another round to the smaller hexagons to bring them up to size. I have already started this process and it shouldn’t take too long.


Now to the next dilemma… I did specify that all yarn that is used should be cotton and the reason for this was that some people can be allergic to other types of yarn. Sadly, I have been sent a very few hexagons that are not made from cotton yarn. They are very pretty and care, time and effort has been spent in making them. It would be a great shame to not include them in the blanket.

So my question to you is this…..

If you have contributed hexagons to the blanket, do you have any objections to these (non-cotton) hexagons being included in the blanket?

You can either comment here or email me if you would prefer. I do need to hear from everyone who has contributed to make it fair. If everyone is in agreement then I will include them. I thought that this would be the fairest way to handle it, rather than just excluding someone.

So there you are, that is the current situation. And what an excellent excuse for some gratuitous hexagon pictures!! I’m off to do some extra rounds.

14 thoughts on “Collaborative Crochet Blanket Update (and a question).

  1. Sounds as if some people’s rulers are a different size! I don’t mind personally what fibres are in the blanket though in an absolute sense having the same sort of yarn throughout is better, especially as you don’t know what might happen when you wash it.

    • You are right, it would be better but I have to work with what I have been given. I would imagine gentle handwashing would probably be best.

  2. Clearly NOT intending to discriminate anyone: I agree with regard to washing the blanket. If the other material (what is it??) matches the cotton in terms of use and care I would not mind at all. If not, I would prefer the “pure cotton” blanket.
    Sounds like this blanket needs an awful lot of work from your side – thank you for doing this! I can’t wait to see it!

    • I don’t see it as a huge amount of work. I am not certain what type of yarn it is… Most likely acrylic though. I guess I could wash one to see what happens to it!!

  3. No allergies here, so no problem to include other fibers! ‘Tis a lot of work you’re taking on. I probably speak for more than myself when I say it’s greatly appreciated!

    • It’s working out well at the moment because the ripple blanket is a bit big to take around with me and I haven’t got anything small on the go just now, so I can take the hexagons.

    • Well I would be smelly too then!! I would only wash them once in a while when they really needed it. I try to make them as tough as possible but they still need very gentle care so too much washing is not good.

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