Jam Drops or Sticky Blobs

During the Festival of Folk the boys got a bit peckish and decide they needed “puggin” as it is known in our house (Little J’s mispronunciation of “pudding”). So we stopped off at the bakers. Big J chose his favourite…. chocolate cake….. and Little J chose a biscuit with a blob of jam in the middle.

I’ve seen a couple of recipes on blogs for this type of biscuit and, because I’d made the lemon curd, decided I would have to make him some. I decided to do half jam and half lemon curd. My recipe comes from a booklet published by Bero Flour. I remember my Mum having a sepia coloured copy of the same booklet years ago. It was our go-to book for pastry and cake recipes.

When I saw an ad on the back of a packet of flour I HAD to write off for an updated version of the booklet… this was about 20 years ago (feeling old now!). Now you can get the same recipes on their website which you can find here. They call this recipe “Sticky Blobs” and it’s in the Children’s Cooking section.

I did add a few drops of Vanilla extract to the recipe. Whatever you call them they are rather yummy and more-ish. Very easy to make and I worked out the Slimming World Syn value = 4 per biscuit. Not too bad for a little treat! I don’t think they will last long round here. I also think this recipe could work as campfire biscuits (cooked on sticks over an open fire – will let you know when I have tried it).

Wonder which name will stick in this house???  Try them.

Edited to add:- Needless to say, they did not last long and were very popular with small boys. I made another batch yesterday to take into school for the Y6 class that I work with for their End of SATs Party and they were similarly received. We are away on Little J’s Green Boat soon so another (double!) batch might be required.


9 thoughts on “Jam Drops or Sticky Blobs

  1. Oh my goodness I have the same Bero book for the same reason, mine is falling apart with several pages held in with sticky tape. Do you have the version with chocolate biscuit cake? My kids are grown up now but they all still make this childhood favourite from this old book.

    • Ha, mine is falling apart too! Hmmmm chocolate biscuit cake?? Can’t find the book, it must be buried, but I don’t remember that one. When I find it I will check. Sounds interesting.

  2. We have the same book and the cover has fallen off from being used so much! I was asked to make Jammy Dodgers so made these and they didn’t last long either.

    • Little J made the connection with Jammy Dodgers. I reckon these are better though. Think BigLilBro has a copy too…. it’s a family tradition!

  3. My Mum has a very old Bero book too. The pages are falling out so I bought my own copy a few years ago. It’s a brilliant book for quick and easy tasty treats. Your sticky blobs look fab!

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