The Festival Of Folk

Well I did find it and it didn’t take too much hunting either!

There was lots of bunting all around the town and it wasn’t looking too worse for wear despite the showers. If you look closely at the photo of the bridge you will see a couple of little ducks attached to the railing. There had been more when they were attached on Friday but sadly it appears as though someone had taken a liking to them and taken them home.

After I met the boys at swimming we walked into town and spotted all the bunting along the way. Then we went for lunch at their favourite cafe (favourite because it does the best hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top). We sat next to a window and could hear the music and see the displays of dancing taking part outside.


Some of the dance groups work incredibly hard all afternoon doing displays at different sites in the town, then taking part in the parade and finishing with a big display of dancing in the park with all of the different groups taking part. Some of them wear clogs which must make dancing more difficult partly because they are heavy but also because they don’t grip so well. Maybe it was because the ground was wet too but we did witness a couple of people fall whilst dancing… they got up and carried on like troupers with nothing injured but their pride and perhaps a bruised bum.

I think the festival suffered a bit from the weather this year, as there were less dance groups taking part and less spectators too. It’s a shame you can’t book the weather in advance. We didn’t get too wet though. There were short showers during the afternoon but they were over very quickly, some of them hardly starting. There is much more to the festival than the dancing and the parade, with a variety of music and dance workshops and events happening all over the town throughout the weekend. Perhaps we will get to some other parts of it another time.


20 thoughts on “The Festival Of Folk

      • Sadly it’s not close enough for me to just pop over and join in. What an amazing response though. There is a real and growing sense of excitement about it though and a lot of the homes and businesses along the route have yellow bicycles hanging outside.

    • I have a cracking photo that didn’t make it to the blog of one of the children taking part…. She has a brilliant expression on her face!

    • It’s odd but there are more things like this where I live now than there was where I lived in London. I think it’s because there is more of a community spirit. In London you don’t know your neighbours, no one speaks to each other and if they did mostly they don’t speak the same language.

    • It is fun. There is also a free family ceilidh, where you can join in with the dancing, which Mr P would love to go to. I think we will end up there sooner or later.

  1. I know what you mean about the weather, it can be so unpredictable in this country, we are organising a walk at the surgery where I work to get some of the patients out who don’t get to far from home usually but the weather is a concern.

    • That sounds like a lovely plan. I’ll keep everything crossed for good weather for you. It’s amazing how a lot of people just carry on anyway though, even when the weather is not what they hoped for.

  2. Aww, it looks great! I love things like this, I’m from Sussex originally and they’re good at this kind of thing 🙂 I miss that now – you’re right, London’s not quite the same.
    Glad you spotted your bunting! Nice that you were part of it all too 🙂

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