I’m going bunting hunting!!!

Remember this??? Mentioned in this post?? And this post? Well the festival is this weekend and this afternoon, despite the showery weather, I am off to find my bunting and hopefully watch the parade, listen to some music and watch some dancing. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the quirkily weird and oh-so-Englishness of it all.


Right now the boys are doing their usual Saturday morning pursuits and I am going to meet them in about an hour to have lunch and enjoy the festival. The weather is not playing ball at all. It’s very showery, some of them being very heavy showers but there are some long dry gaps between the showers so hopefully we won’t get too wet. The lovely lady who wrote up the pattern for the bunting also dances with one of the morris dancing groups so I might see her there too. Sooo exciting! I shall take lots of photos and will share them with you later.

Other news from Patch Towers….

Last weekend the boys deconstructed the old shed…

Now there is a huge pile of wood in the garden and nowhere to keep anything!!! Soon the wood will be gone and then we can prepare the ground for a new shed so we can put everything back inside it (and hopefully move some shed-type belongings out of the house too!). They had a huge amount of fun knocking it down. Big J was testing out his best karate moves on it. Little J was very worried that the police might come because we were destroying it even though I explained that it was ours so we could destroy it if we wanted to.

Last weekend I also planted the seeds in boxes 3 and 4 in the veg plot. I’ll do boxes 5 and 6 in a couple of weeks. Boxes 1 and 2 are coming along well now. I have just dodged the showers to take pictures and the radish seeds I planted last week are already sprouting. It has been perfect germination weather as it has been showery all week but still warmish. Rachell, the sweet peas are on the right hand side of Box 1.

We also laid some grass protector along the back lane last week too. It’s a green plastic mesh which you lay over the grass and the grass then grows up through it so you can no longer see it. We decided to do this because Mr P was worried about creating big muddy ruts along there in the winter with his motorbike. Our lane looks really pretty when the grass grows up and its full of wild flowers. It was like that last week but sadly we had to cut the grass (a big job!) before we could lay the grass protector. You can see the grass coming through it already in the picture.

Some crochet has been done – a bit of Big J’s Ripple Blanket and some re-organising of the Collaborative Crochet Blanket.  I will update you on the ripple soon as it has grown a fair bit since the last post. I am currently suffering from a lack of inspiration/motivation though and its affecting both blogging and crafting so not a lot is getting done. I guess it strikes us all sometimes. Not sure how to shake it off. Any ideas???

Right, I’m off to get organised to meet the boys. Have a fantastic weekend!


5 thoughts on “I’m going bunting hunting!!!

  1. Seeds look great! My sweetpeas are going on day trips next week to get them used to the big outdoors then they’ll be planted out.
    Ripples are lovely to look at, mine is very soft and snugly, but I think very boring to crochet. I put mine aside and made small things in between. Sometimes I make myself do a row or two then I could crochet something else in an evening.

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