A Nice Piece of Hexagon Work.

Hello Blanket Buddies! I thought I had received my last parcel but I was wrong. I had forgotten that Jill had told me hers were on the way from South Africa and they arrived on Wednesday, bang on time. You planned that, didn’t you Jill!. Have a look at these beauties…

Jill’s forgotten which patterns she used now but these two look like the Puffed Daisy Hexagon and the Crochet Starburst Hexagon.

I’m not sure about these two though. The one on the left looks like a variation on the Crochet Starburst Hexagon with a more solid rows of trebles after round four. I can’t find a pattern for the one on the right at all. I think Jill must have invented it. It’s a basic hexagon (similar to the one found here) but starting with a flower instead. Pretty. I’m inspired to make hexagons all over again now!

I am loving that teal coloured one (thinking that might be my new favourite colour) and the one with the 3D flower in the centre. Check out Jill’s blog here. She is a demon(-ess?) crafter and constantly making or inventing something inspirational.

The closing date for final hexagons 2014 Collaborative Crochet Blanket has now passed. The hexagons (all 50 of them) are laid out on the floor in blanket formation and joining is about to commence folks. Hopefully I will be back soon with news of it’s progress.

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