Easter Excitement.

Well, hello there! That was a bit of a blogging gap wasn’t it?! It’s been holiday time here and we have been away. I had intended to schedule some posts but things just got too busy to do it. But hey… We are back now!

The first week of the holidays was a quiet(ish) week at home, catching up with the chores that had stacked up while I was doing extra hours at work and readying ourselves for the second and more exciting part of the holidays. It was quiet in the sense that we were at home and didn’t have to rush about, but we were still active and busy.

The week started with the usual karate and swimming, (a haircut for me) and then a party for Little J on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we practiced putting up and taking down the new tent in the garden. It’s a popup one so there is a knack to getting it back in the bag, but it goes up soooo easily. The boys enjoyed playing in it while it was up. After lunch I planted the seeds and plants in the first two veg boxes.

When I got back this week I was really pleased to see that some of my seeds had sprouted… radishes and mixed salad leaves I think. So exciting!!! I’m new to this gardening stuff so forgive the childish glee. The beetroot and red onions were small plants not seeds, but they look much happier and more established now. Hopefully I will remember to do a picture later in the year when its all green and lush and growing… fingers crossed.

The boys got into the spirit of things with easter baking – they decorated some chick biscuits and Big J made chocolate crispy nests.

We were invited to a Mad Hatters Tea Party on Good Friday so the boys got stuck in and made mad hats. Big J had to make a Minecraft hat (one of his current obsessions) and Little J decided his would be an art themed hat (he’s all about creativity and making things). We spent Wednesday afternoon making those. Little J’s was recycled from the Musketeer hat we made for Big J. Every dressing up box should have a straw hat in it… so many uses! Even better that ours cost £1 at a car boot sale…. wish I had got more than one now!!!

We had to go up to Northumberland for the tea party so decided to test the new tent at the same time. The Easter weekend was spent visiting family and camping at a nearby farm. The boys had a lot of fun with their grown up cousins. The weather was beautifully sunny although the first couple of nights were cold, but we were toasty warm in our tent snuggled together under the crochet blankets and patchwork quilt. While we were there the boys tried crab fishing at Amble and had a look at the breakwater designed by Grandad C in his civil engineering days. We also had a visit to the beach near Berwick.


After the holiday weekend we moved our tent to another little farm site in Teesdale (North Yorkshire). We were allowed a campfire at this site in a cunningly adapted old gas bottle they provided us with. It was brilliant, made it feel like proper camping. One night we had fun baking campfire biscuits on the end of sticks and another we had to toast marshmallows.

Grandma and Grandad Patch joined us in their camper van and we had visits to Highforce waterfall, the castle at Barnard Castle and the Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes to see the cheese being made (well worth a visit – lots of tasting involved!). I did take Big J’s blanket with me while camping but did not get any done… there was never a right and/or dry moment (the weather got wetter too). I didn’t get much of my new book read either. Crochet and reading will recommence straight away.

Now we are home, the tent is up in the garden drying out, I am wading through the mountains of washing and the boys have gone with the rest of the Beavers and Cubs to take part in the St Georges Day Parade. We had a brilliant time while camping and it felt as though we had been away for weeks. Its also very nice to be home and have dry feet! I am feeling quite refreshed and happy to return to the usual day to day stuff that can get so wearisome. Wonder how long that will last? Back to work and school tomorrow but it’s only four weeks until half term and we are away again on the narrowboat. Hurrah!


4 thoughts on “Easter Excitement.

    • We used bacon too. But sadly no crabs. They still enjoyed it though. I saw kids crab fishing on the Isle of Wight one summer…. Loads of crabs then too. Maybe it’s too early in the year for crabs. We didn’t visit Beadnell but we did stop off at Seahouses. Mr P’s part of the world.

  1. Fun! I’m curious about campfire biscuits. Never heard of those! The garden looks like it’s coming along well. I still have to prep mine (but then, we’re still getting the occasional snow flurry so I’m not in a huge rush). Thanks for sharing all the photos!

    • The recipe I had was 85g (3oz or 6 level tbsp) butter, 55g (2oz or 4 level tbsp) soft brown sugar, 2 cups plain flour, 2 eggs. Beat together the butter and sugar then add flour and eggs. It said to make a ball of dough about the size of a small tangerine and push it onto the end of the stick (about 1cm thick and 50cm to 1m long stick). Hold it over the coals until rich golden brown then split it open and fill with butter and jam.
      I guess they are a bit like a scone. We found it easier to mould them around the end of the stick into a kind of sausage shape, keeping them fairly even sized and not too thick. I didn’t have weighing scales or measuring spoons or cups with me so it was a bit hit and miss. I just added flour until it was a soft mouldable dough, not too sticky.
      We are still threatened with frost so I need to be careful in the garden, and snow has been known even this late! Fingers crossed!

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