A Community Contribution.

Hello there Crochet Ninjas (and other readers who are not similarly infected by the crochet virus!). Do you remember this post? Well I have just been to hand in my completed bunting. Here, have a look….


It was a strange moment handing it over. Most of the crochet I have done so far has been for myself or my family and friends. I know where it’s going. I know it will be cared for and enjoyed. I don’t normally give my crochet away to strangers. I haven’t sold any…yet. My crochet, which I have put time and effort and love into. I know bunting doesn’t take the hours that a blanket might, but still it’s valuable time that I don’t have enough of. As I walked away I did experience a sense of loss. Am I weird?? Is that just me or do other people feel like that too??? I had an urge to run back and grab it and run home…. but I didn’t go with that urge!!!  I never realised I had so much emotional investment in my crochet.

I guess my worry is that it will get damaged,  soggy and spoiled. But I will have to put that to the back of my mind and focus on the positive instead. Hopefully it will be on display with lots of other beautiful bunting. Hopefully it will add to the wonderful, colourful spectacle of the Festival of Folk. Hopefully it will be noticed and appreciated by lots of visitors over the festival weekend. Fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “A Community Contribution.

  1. your bunting is spectacular! think of it as sharing with the world…!!! people who love the same things you do, and share your values, will appreciate it. Let it go – and move on to the next thing 🙂

  2. I can imagine the feeling of grabbing it back.. I guess is the time we’ve spent on it., and not sure if the other party will appreciate it.. The flags are so well made and I’m sure it will be a great keepsake for other events too. 🙂

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