Pincushion Passion

Before the crochet drought last week I had an urge to make pincushions. Sometimes you just have to go with your urges. So I did.

I should say before I go any further that some photos in the post are a bit on the rubbish side…. too dark? And too light??? And sadly the moment has passed so no more can be taken. Hey ho!

I had a search around the net and found a few patterns I liked and set to. I think the first one was influenced by all the African Flower hexagons I have been receiving recently because I used the African Flower Pincushion Tutorial written by Sandra at Cherry Heart. No photos of that one in progress… only finished. It’s nice but a bit on the too fat side for my liking. I think I would make it a little thinner if I did it again.

The second one I attempted was the Granny at the Pictures pincushion tutorial at Very Berry Handmade. This one I like very much although my fabric inner cushions were a bit too big and wrinkle slightly under the crochet… next time I would of course sort it. You may be confused by the pictures at this point. You can see two of these in progress but only the pink one complete. The teal (yes, it’s meant to be teal!) one was completed and sent to Grandma P for Mothers Day.

I think the pincushion urge has passed… for now, at least. Who knows when it will sneak up on me again!? Do your pins need cushions??? Do you have an urge????



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