Taking Stock 23.3.14

  • Making : ripples and pincushions
  • Cooking : playing “Ready Steady Cook” with whatever I can find in the fridge
  • Drinking : fresh coffee – too much
  • Reading: The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules
  • Wanting: to be that Little Old Lady when I’m older
  • Looking: at the Forsythia flowering
  • Playing: Lego
  • Deciding: that we NEED to get to karate during the week
  • Wishing: there were more hours in the day
  • Enjoying: Mr P’s Tarke Andde (recipe by Vicky Bhogal from this book) – reminds me of our trip to India
  • Liking: being reminded of our trip to India… by Mr P and Avis
  • Craving: Masala Chai (I wonder why!?)
  • Considering: going to a festival with friends later in the year
  • Wondering: if it will be an exercise in managing overtired children??!!
  • Loving: the participation in the Collaborative Crochet Blanket 
  • Pondering: what we should plant in our new veg beds??????
  • Watching: the sunshine and the threatening clouds
  • Hoping: we will get some gardening done today
  • Marvelling: at Little J taking part in a talent show at school and getting through to the final (he did a puppet show… without puppets!)
  • Needing: a haircut
  • Smelling: freshly cut grass
  • Wearing: jeans, checked shirt, fluffy slippers
  • Noticing: how Big J is becoming more mature and enjoying it immensely
  • Knowing: he’s still a little boy at heart
  • Admiring: Mr P for taking Big J for a bike ride
  • Buying: the week’s groceries
  • Bookmarking: Vicky Bhogal’s web page…. didn’t know she had one till just now
  • Feeling: relaxed, calm and happy
  • Snacking: trying not to (and failing!)
  • Wishing: a small friend Happy Birthday
  • Helping: small boys with homework and Mr P in the garden
  • Hearing: Green Day, Imelda May, Owl City

This post is my version of one of Pip Lincoln’s, from Meetmeatmikes. You can see her version here. It’s good to take stock once in a while. I’m off to do that gardening. Happy, sunny, Sunday to you all.


7 thoughts on “Taking Stock 23.3.14

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    • Go for it. Green Day are one of Big J’s current favourites…. He’s just getting into bands and music but quite often picks things I like…. Luckily!

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