Cumbrian Crochet…

The third parcel this week came from Grandma P.  You might remember that she was inspired to join in when she watched me make my hexagons while we were visiting at half term. She hunted down her old hooks and went shopping for cotton and got practicing… It’s been a while since she did any crochet….. Not that you would guess it when you look at these hexagons!

These are from “Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers” by Nicki Trench, which she borrowed from the local library.

These are the Scrapsavers Hexagon from JPF Crochet Club.


And this is the Starburst Hexagon by Jenni Ford from the Lavender and Wild Rose blog.

All very pretty and very neat – you’d never guess she hasn’t touched a crochet hook in many years. I must have inherited my crochet skills from her!

If you would like to join us and take part in the 2014 Collaborative Crochet Blanket, with a chance of winning a beautiful blanket created by your crocheting friends around the world, then there is still time. Final hexagons need to reach me by 30th April 2014. If you would like to read more about the blanket and what is required please click here.


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