Rainbow Hexagons.

My second parcel this week came from Jane at Rainbow Junkie. A beautiful collection of rainbow coloured hexagons. Each one is different and very neatly crocheted. DSCF5018

 The pattern for this one was found here, with extra rows added to get it up to size. It’s a great tutorial with lots of photos and a nice straightforward pattern for beginners.


This one really reminds me of Jane with it’s rainbow-ness. It’s her own pattern too, clever lady. If you like charts with your patterns and want to give it a go click here. Again there are extra rows added.

The next two links were found on craftyminx’s blog where she has a round up of unusual and different hexagon patterns which makes me want to do five more!! Have a look here for inspiration.


This is based on the Granny’s Garden Hexagon from scrapyarncrochet. Jane says she removed two rows in the middle to make it fit then added an extra row of dcs and then the white edge.


This one started life as a pretty potholder pattern which Jane adapted to give a straight edge. It’s called the Climbing Trellis Hexagon and is from Ali Pyper.


Finally from Jane another dishcloth pattern. This one is the African Flower Dishcloth from plus 3 crochet. I agree with Jane, the texture around the flower is especially nice. It’s created by alternating front post and back post trebles.

If you would like to join us and take part in the 2014 Collaborative Crochet Blanket, with a chance of winning a beautiful blanket created by your crocheting friends around the world, then there is still time. Final hexagons need to reach me by 30th April 2014. If you would like to read more about the blanket and what is required please click here.

So far it’s shaping up to be a mighty interesting and colourful blanket. Back soon with my third parcel.

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    • Some stunning ones arrived just this week but I’ve been so busy there’s been no time to blog! Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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