Parcel Time!!!

Well, this week I received my first hexagon parcels. YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!! How exciting! So today I am going to show you the hexagons from the first of those parcels with more to follow very soon.

The first instalment is from Lucie of Love, Lucie. She based all her hexagons on the “Puffed Daisy Hexagon” link found at “colourinasimplelife”. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Here they are…

Aren’t they lovely? The yellow with the brown daisy looks Easter-ish to me…. I think it’s because of the yellow for chicks/daffodils/yolks and the brown for chocolate. And the red and white ones look minty (I’m maybe thinking of candy canes??).

Gratuitous picture of them all together…

DSCF5016She has written a post about them which you can read here, and while you are there have a look at all the other lovely things she has made. I’m not quite sure how she does it all whilst working full time too!

If you would like to join us and take part in the 2014 Collaborative Crochet Blanket, with a chance of winning a beautiful blanket created by your crocheting friends around the world, then there is still time. Final hexagons need to reach me by 30th April 2014. If you would like to read more about the blanket and what is required please click here.

I’m off to write more posts for you, hexagon related and otherwise, have a fantastic Saturday.


10 thoughts on “Parcel Time!!!

    • The light is always better outdoors and I like the natural textures behind the crochet, the wind was a challenge today though! Your post is underway Jane 😉

  1. Glad to see the use of weathered outdoor table as a backdrop. I use mine exactly the same way. Although this year we might actually have to replace it before it falls apart. It won’t be nearly as effective!

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