This Week…


Finally we feel like we are beginning to make a little progress with the garden. Necessitated by the disintegrating shed, Mr P and I have over the last few weeks removed weeds, dug over the earth and constructed veg boxes. This weekend we spent two afternoons flattening the ground, laying the weed membrane, positioning the boxes, beginning to fill them and laying the bark chips. The hebe, which had been six to seven foot high, got a severe pruning too. We think we may need a skip to get rid of much of the junk that’s up there (junk that was left by the previous owners) before we can consider a new shed.


It has been very springy and sunny for most of the past week. I have enjoyed my walks to and from work. I hung out the washing today and could hear the croaky love songs of the frogs in the pond (and then the washing line snapped but that’s another story!). I think the sun has given us all a bit of energy and we all enjoyed getting out in the garden at the weekend. The boys came out too and pottered about, digging in the compost heap, bug hunting and fishing in the pond.


I have been in a see-food-and-eat-it kind of mood. I have needed a padlock on the fridge this week. So I have been experimenting with Slimming World recipes. I forgot to photograph it, but the “one pan mediterranean salmon” was yummy. I thought the rice pud was ok, but Mr P did not like it – ah well, never mind. The pakoras are spiiiiiiccccyyyyy! Munching on those as I type.

I have started Big J’s blanket several times, after frogging it several times!!! I think this recent attempt is working out at last but, with the type of pattern it is, I think I shall be doing much counting and checking as one extra stitch makes it all go wrong.

I know a few people have completed their hexagons and they are on their way so hopefully some more hexagon happiness very soon…. ooooo exciting!!!


4 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. I know you said you’re in a see-food-and-eat-it mood – but you’ve not eaten the buttons and thread… have you? I think they’re probably low fat, but I’m not sure the colourings are that healthy 🙂
    The veg boxes look great – the weather makes everything so much nicer doesn’t it.

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