Hexagon Happiness.

In my last post you had a sneak peek at some happy hexagon action that occurred last week while I was at Grandma P’s. You may also have had a peep at some of them on the Facebook page. Now that I am home, and easing back into the routine, I can show you them properly. Some of them did need extra rows adding to make them up to the correct size.

Here’s the first…


This is the Puffed Daisy Hexagon from P.S. I Crochet with three extra rows of trebles (UK terms) added. The instructions for this are in US crochet terms…. I know we have a few beginners joining in and the different terms can be confusing so thought I would make it clear.

DSCF4942This is the Starflower Hexagon which is a free Ravelry download and very helpfully comes in either US or UK terms. However, I would say that this one is not for beginners as it’s not the easiest of hexagons because it uses a wider variety of stitches. It did come out the right size without having to add any extra rounds though.


Next up is the African Flower Hexagon from Heidi Bears. This one is in US crochet terms but it is a tutorial with lots of pictures which can be helpful. Only one extra round of trebles added here.


Here is my Scrap Savers Hexagon Motif  with and extra round of dc and trebles to get it up to size. Again this is in US crochet terms. I like this one a lot.


Finally, this is the Crochet Starburst Hexagon from Lavender and Wild Rose. This is in UK terms and is probably good for a beginner as it is made up of chains and trebles and there are lots of helpful photos too. I added two extra rounds to get it up to size.

Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed trying all these different patterns and I’m quite tempted to continue and make more different hexagons. Maybe I will have to make a hexagon sampler blanket some day!!!… So much to make… so little time… sigh!!!

If any of you have tried other patterns and would like to share your hexagon experiences let me know, maybe you could write a guest post?! Or I can pass on your experiences…. hexagon pattern reviews maybe?

In other hexagon related news… I have got Grandma P onboard. It seems my hooking last week inspired her so she is having a go too although it’s been a while so she’s practicing. I also taught another friend to crochet this week which was good fun. She’s having a go at the bunting for the Folk Festival but if she can crack it might try a hexagon too. First time I have taught anyone and it was really good fun.


19 thoughts on “Hexagon Happiness.

  1. I love the starflower one! My white yarn just came in yesterday, so I can start making hexagons too. Is cotton DK yarn everywhere over there? I’ve had a rather hard time finding it here. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, though.

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it. On the PDF there is one with white where the teal colour is on mine…. It really looks like a snowflake….. I’m very tempted to do a white one. Yes, cotton DK seems easy enough to get here. I meant to put in the post… Mine is Rico Essentials Cotton. It’s relatively inexpensive and has a slight sheen to it. I haven’t used it before but it seems fine to work with.

    • Thankyou, I am pleased with the colours too as I bought the yarn online so could only go by the onscreen pictures for the colours (never having seen them in real life) which is sometimes a bit dodgy!

  2. These are so beautifully crocheted! The cotton gives really good stitch definition (less fluffy) and it shows how neat your stitches are 🙂 and yes, lovely colours too – and a great choice of patterns.

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