This Week…




As you know, we have been to visit Grandma and Grandad P this week for half term. It’s been a chilled out yet busy week. There have been lots of outings, lots of yummy food, lots of quality family time and lots of crochet. We have had a fantastic break. We are home again today and starting to gear up for the coming week and the next half term of school and work. It was lovely to visit them but it’s lovely to be home again too. The boys are at swimming and after lunch they are off to some friends for the afternoon. Mr P is going to collect his new bike so I have a few hours to myself. Hmmmm…. what to do???….. I think I can hear the sewing machine calling me….

14 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. Lots of half term fun. I think this week has been the 1st proper week of outside play for my children since before Christmas. What do you plan to sew?

    • Well I’m in the workroom and I have cut and sorted and cut some more. Then glued and sorted some more. No actual stitching yet but we are getting there slowly!

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