Beginnings…. and Endings.

It’s feeling a tiny bit springy here folks… just a tiny bit. The sun is out and its not so cold. In fact I was just wandering in the garden without a jumper or coat and I didn’t feel cold. It may have been the excitement however…. but lets start with the beginnings… the Collaborative Crochet Blanket of course. Yesterday I ordered some dk cotton yarn so I can join in with the hexagon fun. I also ordered some yarn to start Big J’s blanket. We are off to Grandma P’s today so it’s all getting delivered there. Ooooo exciting!

But the real excitement today is the ending. My Cottage Garden CAL blanket is FINISHED. Yippee and hurrah!!!! So without further ado here it is…

DSCF4847So there is my Cottage Garden Blanket in my cottage garden! The garden isn’t looking very springy is it? Good job the blanket does. Full of pretty flowers and garden colours. I wish my real garden actually looked more like this! More gratuitous pictures for you…

The colours go nicely with the Amy Butler quilt that Grandma P made for me which is on our bed at the moment. I decided on a scallop edging because the tiny picots were so small you could hardly see them, especially as they were to be done in green. So I followed the Attic24 Granny Blanket Edging pattern but only did the final two rounds. Considering I had no idea of what this blanket would look like when I started the CAL, I am very pleased with it and I like it a lot. It does look how I wanted it to look. Normally I’m not so keen on lacy, flowery crochet but I do like this. I think it works for me because its not too pink. (Of course there is still the problem of what to do with the blocks I haven’t used but…..   Shhhhh!! Lets not mention that right now!).

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