Collaborative Crochet Blanket 2014 – The Beginning

Ok ninjas, here we go…..drumroll please…….. The Beginning of ………

The Collaborative Crochet Blanket 2014


In Stocki’s own words….
This blanket does not mind who you are,
it does not mind where you are,
it does not mind whether you are a beginner or an expert crocheter….
It is a multi-cultural, worldly-wise, love-filled blanket!
Here’s what you need to do to take part…..
  • Blocks MUST be made in 100% double knit (DK) cotton to make it suitable for all.
  • Blocks must be made using the appropriate hook for your yarn.
  • All blocks must be hexagons but any pattern can be used.
  • Blocks should be 15cm measured side to side
  • Blocks can be made in whatever colours you choose but please make the last round of the block white
  • Please sew all ends in!
  • Post your blocks to me… please email me to get the address (
  • Please include your name and blog address in your envelope. (You don’t have to have a blog to join in but if you do I will link to it).
  • Please include the source of the pattern you have used in with your square, for example: ‘From 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton’, so that I am able to give credit where it is due. (If you invented the pattern – well done! Please tell us about it.)
  • Please send a maximum of 5 blocks. For every block you send you will get the same number of entries into the draw to win the blanket once it is finished. (1 square =1 entry, 2 squares = 2 entries and so on).
  • Finally please ensure that your squares reach me by midnight on 30th April 2014 at the very latest.

Uh oh… bossiness overload! (Told you there would be time for that… Apologies, there was a lot!). Here is what I have to do for you…

  • I will keep your blocks safe, clean and dry.
  • I will write a post about every block I receive, including photographs.
  • I will give details of who sent it and will link to your blog if you have one.
  • I will also include details about the pattern that has been used.
  • I will then join up all the blocks until our Collaborative Crochet Blanket is complete.
  • I will keep you updated about the progress of the blanket as it is joined.

Once that is all done …

  • I will put the names of all contributing crochet ninjas into a hat (the correct number of times depending on how many blocks you have contributed) and will draw out a winner (with witnesses).
  • I will then post the Collaborative Crochet Blanket 2014 to its rightful owner… which could be YOU!
How exciting!!!! I so wish I could win but I guess I better not put my name in the hat because it wouldn’t look fair. I will instead enjoy receiving the parcels, joining the blocks and surprising one of you.
If you need hexagon inspiration you can of course use Google, Ravelry and Pinterest. If you hop over to Natasja’s blog you can find links to hexagon patterns and tutorials here and a peek at what our blanket might look like here.
Now is there anything else you need to know? Are there any burning issues or problems??? Feel free to let me know, otherwise, let the crocheting commence!!!!!
3.5.14  Edited to add :- The closing date for hexagons for this blanket has now passed but watch out for updates about the blankets progress. A very big thank you to everyone who has enquired, contributed hexagons and taken part.

47 thoughts on “Collaborative Crochet Blanket 2014 – The Beginning

      • Oh, you did? 🙂 Yes, go ahead with experimenting, it’s fun! I have already done that part for Natasja’s project, and fell in love with the african flower hexagons. I was actually looking for a reason -any reason – to make more of them, so thank you for that 😀

  1. Reblogged this on crochetime and commented:
    The lovely Patch has a Collaborative Blanket project going on her blog. Guess what the collaborative blanket is going to be made up of? Hexagons in any colour with a white border. Sound familiar? Of course it does! Our Crochet For Kidneys Part 2 blankets have inspired another blanket project! Will you be taking part in Patch’s blanket project? You could be the lucky winner of a collaborative hexagon blanket!

    • Thanks for that. No, don’t mind what cotton. I haven’t tried very many so I’m not an expert. Also it would be difficult for everyone to get the same. Just ordered some today so I can play with hexagons too. My first one had too many sides as well!

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