Collaborative Crochet Blanket 2014 – The Theme

Ok crochet ninjas, I know you have been waiting to hear more about this. I have been busy getting my head around the logistics of it all. I think I’m getting there at last.

But before we go any further we have some decisions to make. Lets choose our theme. I could be bossy and say “right we are doing this” (I’m sure there will be plenty of that later!) but then I thought let’s try to be a bit democratic and have a bit of fun while we are at it. Let’s have a poll! I have included a couple of things that were mentioned previously plus one that is more of a non-theme for you to choose from. Never had a poll on my blog before. Here goes…

Poll away to your heart’s content people. I will be back shortly to discover which you have chosen and then I will write a post all about the details (bossy bit warning!). Ooooooo exciting.

18.2.14 Edited to add: – Thank you all for voting. This poll has now closed and as you can see we have our theme. It was interesting watching it unfold and it was a close run thing. For most of the week the square flower motifs were winning but right at the end, and by only one vote, the hexagons have won. I didn’t vote, although I was tempted!!! It was all down to you guys.


7 thoughts on “Collaborative Crochet Blanket 2014 – The Theme

  1. I put Other just because I’d be fine with any of the options, if you decide to have it be an international endeavor.

    Now I can’t get the image of a crochet ninja out of my head. Might have to photoshop something. 😀

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