Calling all Yorkshire Crocheters and Knitters.

As you know, we have had a busy weekend. A long journey, some visiting, and an exciting outing.

And as all crocheters know, when you are going anywhere the crochet has to go too. But the Cottage Garden CAL blanket is too big to take now so I needed something else.

And then I found this…

Festival of Folk

Click here to go to the website and at the top you will see a tab marked “Bunting Making”. On that page you will find both a crochet and a knitting pattern.

I’m not one for yarn bombing because I always think, with our weather, it would soon look bedraggled and sad. I love art…. but not soggy, spoiled art. However I couldn’t resist this. We love the Festival of Folk (remember I posted about it here)…. it’s a fantastic celebration of quirky British culture….. and you don’t get festivals like this in London. I’m hoping all the bunting will be taken down after the festival and reused the following year. It will also use up some of my odds and ends and scraps of yarn.

So here are my contributions so far…. Two blocked and two not…. Look at the difference! Pretty!

So if you are looking for something to use up your scraps…. And of course you don’t have to be from Yorkshire!…. Join in…. Then come to the festival to spot your bunting. It’s well worth a visit. If you need more information check out the link above.

And if you can’t get here, join in anyway…. I will take lots of photos on your behalf.


13 thoughts on “Calling all Yorkshire Crocheters and Knitters.

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