New Plans.

I’ve had my books out and have been doing a bit of planning. This is planning for sewing. It might take a while to complete but little by little it will be done. It may also take a few goes to get right. Wonder if I should try a rough fabric version first to test my theories, I did try a paper “maquette”. Oooooo exciting!!

I’ve also been attempting to plan the next blanket… one for Big J. Evidence of this can be found here. We are thinking something like this or maybe a variation of this but it’s tricky. His requests and my views don’t necessarily match. He goes on his gut instincts where colour combinations are concerned and is not worried about how it will look overall, whereas I am very much considering those things. The correct colour combinations are hugely important to me. Another problem is keeping it masculine, it has to be a man-blanket. I’m hoping he will keep it forever and for a good chance of that happening it has to remain appealing to him at any stage of his life. It’s very easy for crochet to become girly depending on the patterns and colours used.

Hmmmm – maybe I’m over thinking it!!!

Believe it or not we have also been planning a bit of garden stuff too. I know… more pink snow! It’s come about because of the wind this winter. Our shed has been gradually blowing away (and the fence keeps blowing down) and Mr P would like to replace it with a new, larger and more suitable one, but to do that we have to clear the area around the old one which is taken up by a compost heap. So we are planning some raised beds for the compost and have already bought the timber and Mr P started clearing the space for the raised beds the other weekend.

I will have to do some blog planning and organising now for our exciting collaborative crochet project, but first we are off to visit family for the weekend.  I hope you all have an excellent weekend. Back with more news and plans soon.


14 thoughts on “New Plans.

    • I saw a log cabin style crocheted blanket on Facebook… Wonder if it is the same one. It’s on my “to do” list 😉 He likes the ripples.

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