A Curious Crochet Question

Did that get your attention? Hope so.

Well here goes… I’m jumping in with both feet here… would any of you crochet ninjas like to take part in some collaborative crochet???

I have been wanting to do something a bit more interactive on my blog for a while and, to be honest I have got tired of just thinking about it…. lets do it! (Eeeeekk, tiny bit scary!)

So here’s what I’m thinking. I would like you all to join me in making a crochet blanket. We’ll all make a few blocks and I will join them. If you join in and make some blocks you get the chance to keep the blanket when its finished. How lovely would that be? To own a blanket made by your crocheting friends around the country/world (not sure about that bit yet!?)?

Does this sound a little familiar to anyone?? Well thats because the original idea is from here. The lovely Stocki ran a Beautiful Blogger Blanket Competition in 2012 and 2013. I missed out on those but promised myself I would join in in the future. Sadly, Stocki has been away from blogland for a while and hasn’t run a 2014 competition. So I thought maybe we could get on and do our own version. I have contacted her though and she has given us her blessing.

So the main purpose of this post is to ask if anyone is interested in joining me? I am wondering if I am going to be Billy No-Mates or swimming in crochet blocks??

If you are interested, would you like us to put our own spin on the idea by incorporating a theme?? It could be a colour theme (eg. Blues? Rainbow? Spring?), or a shape theme (e.g. Hexagons? Triangles?) or something else like Flower Blocks? Or any other theme you can think of and would like to suggest. The ideas are endless.

You might need to bear with me for a while as I get my head around it all. But please let me know what you think.


29 thoughts on “A Curious Crochet Question

  1. Just saw this pop up in email and thought I’d reply before I get stuck in to work (shh!) You could of course make something for charity instead? I was looking on Ravelry the other week and there are lots of really nice causes to make blankets for… (I also loved this, it’s very sweet: http://www.lincs.police.uk/News-Centre/News-Releases-2013/Appeal-for-bear-knitters.html) I know it’s not quite the same, but it would solve the problem of where it goes maybe… Sorry, hopefully not too ‘worthy’. Just a thought.

    Also, I keep meaning to say, I found this blog recently, and if you’ve not seen it, you might like it:
    http://sandra-cherryheart.blogspot.co.uk/ – mainly because this reminded me a bit of your work: http://sandra-cherryheart.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/my-nordic-shawl_23.html

    Talking of ‘work’ better get on with it!

    • I did think about doing it for charity but it was the thought of having a blanket to keep made be me and my crochet friends that appealed….knowing that each square came from someone/somewhere different. Of course I won’t win it, but one of you will.

      I have seen that blog… I’m not there often but I have a read once in a while, but thank you for your kind words. I might hop over for a closer look now you have reminded me. Hope you got the work done 😉

  2. Marvellous idea. Count me in. I find it hard to make enough squares for an entire blanket of my own (as Rachel will confirm!) but I can definitely send a couple your way (as Jan will confirm!!!) I don’t care about the theme, you choose. xxx

  3. You are a brave woman 🙂 I’m in and I’ll make as many as you let me… I’d love hexagons but for your sanity maybe it should be squares! Can’t wait to see the progress 🙂 x

  4. I would definitely contribute. Maybe an idea is to request all the squares be edged in a certain colour, white, or blues or even grey. This might be something to tie the whole project together.

  5. Once I have finished learning how to do it (!) count me in; as long as a beginner’s work is allowed, that isn’t as impressive as clever experienced crochet people like you….

    • Ooooo… Claire…. Took me a minute to realise it was you! Yay, climb aboard. Definitely room for beginners…. I’m definitely not an expert. I still do lots of muddling through to make it work. (ps. I started some bunting last night, then discovered one of the organisers is a parent at my work! Might have to write a post about it soon).

  6. If you decide to include world-wide, count me in! I’ve always wanted to participate in a group effort. 😀 No worries though if you want to keep it local. I would totally understand that!

    • I would really like it to be international and I would really like you to join in. It’s just the posting at the end. No idea of costs. I will have to do some homework 😉

    • Oooooo yes please do join in. Am hoping to keep an element of choice to it so you can make it as easy or tricky as you like. I reckon simple is often best 😉

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