Blanket Edging Ideas.

You might remember that here I said I only had two rows left to join on the Cottage Garden CAL Blanket. Well that has now been done and the ends have been darned in. I have started edging the blanket and this is where I am up to. I have done a row of trebles in the paler green and now I have almost finished a row of trebles in the pale purple (was it called lavender?) colour. Have a look…


I have been thinking about edging and I think such a pretty blanket requires a pretty edging although this does present some problems. More about this later.

I had a good old Google about and a look through Pinterest to see what edging I could find. These were my two favourite links

Knot Your Nana’s Crochet – 10 ways to get the perfect finish on your crochet afghan.

Craftsy – 5 crochet edges you should know.

Plenty of inspiration there. I particularly like the fact that the Craftsy link shows how many stitches each pattern is worked over without having to search about too much.

I initially thought the Cathedral Edge would look good but then I counted my stitches along the edges. They don’t quite match… almost but not quite. I considered the idea of evening them up but then decided that if I picked a smaller pattern, one thats over fewer stitches, it might fit better/more easily. Plus any discrepancy might be less noticeable. So now I am thinking of going with the picot edge. Any suggestions from you more experienced crocheters out there?? What do you do if your sides don’t have the same amount of stitches? Or do they always have the right number… is it just me??


18 thoughts on “Blanket Edging Ideas.

  1. I must admit I always agonise, cogitate re the number of stitches round the edge and the border that I want to do before I get to the final round of the border so the stitches are the right number by then. If the number of stitches is not quite right and you don’t mind how thw border lines up with the individual squares you could always do something different at the corners to make it work. Corners are always tricky anyway.

  2. Haha! We finished together!! Mine isn’t posted yet but it will be soon. I would do a picot edge. It is pretty on its own but it won’t steal the limelight from those gorgeous blocks. Anyway, once you’ve decided on which border to do, you have another decision to make…..the colour of the border 😉

    • The colour of the border was always going to be the pale green…. No decision to make. I want it to recede so am choosing the colour that will least stand out.

  3. It’s looking great! I either decrease or increase to get the correct amount, prefer to decrease though, provided it’s not by too many stitches. Good luck!

  4. I think that the Attic24 edging would look pretty on your blanket. I don’t tend to worry too much about counting stitches – I usually find there’s a way of fudging it at the corners! Look forward to seeing what you decide upon 🙂
    Jones x

    • I’m all set to fudge it! I was sticking to picot, thinking that the Attic24 border was designed for granny squares so probably wouldn’t be suitable but I guess I could fudge that too and do it over groups of three stitches instead. Hmmmm…. What to do???

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