This Bread Will Change Your Life.

Okaaaaayyyy, it’s not going to make you rich overnight or turn you into a catwalk model but it might turn you into a domestic goddess. You will wonder how you ever managed to live your life until now without hearing about it. I did.

I know its been blogged about before and often, Rachell got me on to it, but it’s so good I have the urge to share it with everyone I know. When you make it you might feel like that too.

It is so seriously simple and quick to make. There is some waiting involved. You will have to be patient. But it almost makes itself. You can just let it get to work in the background and get on with other things… like sleeping. Or go to work and finish it when you get home.

The original link is here with another updated version here. And everyones favourite crochet guru, Lucy, recently wrote about it with useful UK measurements here.

I planned to make my first loaf for the weekend. It didn’t take much planning because I already had all four (only four, three if you don’t count water!) ingredients required. I normally make soup on a Saturday morning while the boys are off doing karate and swimming and what could be better than homemade bread with homemade soup.

On Friday night, after clearing up the teatime dishes, I mixed my ingredients. It literally took about five minutes. Seriously. It looked a bit worrying but this is how it is supposed to look so I ignored my fears.


Once it was covered in cling film and positioned in a nice warm place next to The Beast, I continued with my Friday evening. I read bedtime stories, watched a movie and did crochet. Then I went to bed and had an extra good sleep knowing my bread was making itself in the kitchen.

On Saturday morning I was excited to see it looking like this…


A bubbly, sticky, nightmarish mess…. exactly how it was supposed to look!

About an hour before lunch I tipped my dough onto a floured square of greaseproof paper to shape it. Yes it was messy, but not as bad as I thought it would be. It took all of two minutes (so far thats five minutes to mix and two minutes to shape). Then I put my pot into the oven to heat for half an hour and started making my soup.

After half an hour I picked the bread up, holding the greaseproof paper by the edges (cunning plan!), and put it into the hot pot and into the oven (another minute maybe) then back to my soup and other pottering about. I found this bit of waiting very tricky. This is the point where you definitely need to be busy or half an hour can seem like forever.

Once the half an hour was up I checked it and gave it five more minutes with the lid off. The Beast runs quite hot so the recommended fifteen minutes was not needed. Then it was time!!!!!!!! The soup was ready. Mr P had visited The Cheese Lady at the market for interesting and tasty cheeses. Time for a feast!!!!!!


The bread was crusty on the outside but soft and fluffy in the middle. We couldn’t wait for it to cool, we had to tuck in straight away and needless to say it all got eaten, every last crumb.

Provided I can remember to mix it the night before, there really is no excuse to not have homemade bread whenever we want it. It took eight active minutes of my time, provided a huge amount of satisfaction and a tasty meal. And guess what?… The very next day I had to make more!

You really have no excuse. You need to make this… You have to make this. Go do it and enjoy!

20 thoughts on “This Bread Will Change Your Life.

    • Lol! Sorry bread shop is closed now! Especially as I have just been to Slimming World and have put on a pound and a half…. Pesky bread!!

      • It looks worth the slight weight gain! But, why oh why is it so easy to put on yet so flip pin’ hard to get rid??!! : )

  1. yum, looks delicious. I haven’t made my own bread for yonks, I used to love it. Such a marvellous yeasty smell…I’m wondering if I can get my hands on non-wheat based flour, so I can make gluten-free? Not nec my bread of choice, but needs must!

    • I reckon if you check the comments on the original posts (there’s loads of them) someone must have given it a go already. Might give you a clue as to how well it works.

      • going to stop by the healthy food shop in the village tomorrow, see what I can scavenge. did i ever tell you that i finally found harissa in a supermarket? i snapped it up!! love it, even on bread with cottage cheese !

      • Now you mention it, not used the Harissa in a while… You have rekindled that addiction… That might be this weekends soup… With bread of course!

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