Unexpected treasure.

Just before I left for work the other day the postman delivered our mail. I hadn’t heard him so when I picked up my bag and went out of the door I found an envelope on the door mat. I turned it over and was pleasantly surprised to see my own name on the front. And even more surprised and excited when I saw the post mark.


I immediately recognised the writing and knew who it was from, but I was puzzled. I knew I had already had a Christmas card so it wasn’t a Happy New Year one. Unlike me, they are super-organised and never miss the last posting date before Christmas.

Intrigued, I couldn’t wait and so I tore into it while walking down the hill on my way to work.

And inside???……


……. Teeny tiny houses….. Made into a purse….. With buttons.

Handmade for me 😀

With it came a wonderful note which brought news of a visit to the UK this year too.

I wanted to show you straight away but being at work all day and only being in the house when its dark meant rubbish photos. Some of them still aren’t great but hey…. More pics for you and with the spotty inside showing…

If you had been driving around West Yorkshire that day you might have passed a woman stomping along to work with a huge grin on her face. That would be me.

Thank you so much K, I have already put it to very good use and had compliments about it too. See you in July 😀


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