A very personal cake.

Here’s another Christmas thing that I need to show you before its too late. Grandma P (she’s a clever lady) does a bit of sugarcraft and of course the perfect time to do this is Christmas. For the last few years she has come to us for Christmas and has made a Christmas Cake for us. They have all been very beautiful but this one was a bit special. I’m sure you can see where she got her inspiration.

We both struggled to get good photos of it before it was cut into, but here they are. It looks much better in real life. I’m not sure if you can see in the pictures but there are stitchy markings around the edges of each patch. The dusty looking bits are a sprinkling of edible glitter to give it a frosty look. I love the button trees…. think there may have to be more of those in up coming stitchy pictures. The cake is called Christmas in Patchland and it tastes mighty fine too. Thank you so much Mum. Love it.

Now excuse me while I nip off and cut a bit to go with my coffee.


18 thoughts on “A very personal cake.

  1. The cake looks amazing and so similar to your work. The navy icing makes it look like a piece of art… I’m sure it was difficult for you to eat and not look in awe. You have a very talented family.

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