Handpainted Decorations.

Ok, it’s getting a little late now but I wanted to show you these before it was toooooooo late. Remember the pot painting success of the summer? Well the boys were keen for it to be repeated with Grandma so we went to our local pottery painting cafe during “The Weekend of Madness”. We were concerned about it being very busy but we arrived at the perfect time, there was plenty of room and it got busier after we were settled.

Like last time there was much concentration and total absorption in the activity. Big J’s level of concentration especially amazes and pleases me when we do pottery painting. Both boys only required a small amount of support with the tricky bits. Mr P and Grandad P seemed to be enjoying themselves too. Here are our results…

I’m looking forward to the moments in years to come when we are decorating the tree and the boys (all grown up) say “do you remember when we painted these?”.


15 thoughts on “Handpainted Decorations.

  1. I like the pile of snowmen best, are you going to do a new one every year?
    We have a similar tradition in these parts, many years ago I bought Gareth a paint your own bauble kit( does that sound ever so slightly smutty to you)- nothing too complicated, just a piant by numbers thing cos the man has no discernible artistic ability whatsoever- and every year he gets it out, puts it on the dresser, and loudly announces” this year I’m going to paint that” then every year on twelfth night he puts the unopened kit away with the rest of the decorations

    • Lol! Now I have questionable painting baubles pictures in my head!!

      We might make it a tradition, we have a friend that takes her kids every year. Can you imagine the tree in ten years…. It might not be able to hold itself up. Those things are heavy.

      • Green string or garden wire can be handy with heavy decs on a tree, cos you can invisibly tie strategic branches to the trunk before adding decs, it stops the branches sagging under the weight. Plus we always wire the tree to a curtain pole or wall just in case a cat climbs it- my now deceased very bad cat truffles brought a whole tree full of decs crashing to the floor his first Christmas!

    • I was tempted by that one too. It was very tricky and fiddly and took longer than the others. Glad I didn’t do it as I had to help Little J too. Looks great though.

  2. It’s lovely to keep some handmade decorations each year from your children, these are beautiful and will last longer than the usual cotton wool and cardboard creations.

  3. I think it’s awesome you do the pottery painting together!

    My mom makes Christmas cards every year and helping her as a youngster is still one of the strongest Christmas memories I have. 🙂

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