…. and Forwards.

Mornings are the best part of the day as far as I’m concerned. That doesn’t mean I’m a morning person though. Oh no, that job is left to Little J in our house. He’s always up early…. sometimes too early!

No, mornings are best because in the morning the day holds so many possibilities. It’s a blank page yet to be filled. There is so much time ahead to use in whatever way you like. I love the feelings of optimism, hope, possibility and potential that mornings hold. The chance to start over. They are a beginning. I like beginnings.

New Year is a lot like a morning for me. Much to look forward to. I prefer a minimal amount of looking back. Looking back can be dangerous. Too much of that can lead to regrets and negativity. It’s not worth dwelling on the past, it’s gone. Forwards is the way to go. Onwards and, with any luck, upwards.

I have a few hopes and plans for the year. It’s easy for that morning feeing to take over so I’m trying to keep them at a manageable level, keep them achievable.

So here’s to a fantastic year for each and everyone of you. May your hopes and plans be hugely successful.


11 thoughts on “…. and Forwards.

  1. Beautifully written! And yes, there are so many possibilities in every morning even if they can sometimes be a little early! Hope you have the most wonderful year! Jane xx

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