Mincemeat Stars.

Mince pies drive me nuts. Whenever I try to make them, they weld themselves to the bun tin and I can’t get them out without them crumbling into a million pieces. I guess the problem could be solved by a silicone bun tin perhaps, but until I get one of those, this is what I will do. Prettier too I think. I remember making them last year and intending to make them at other times in the year with different fillings but then I forgot about them again.


The only problem I have is the fact that I have to get my ruler out when making them. You may have noticed I’m not a precise and neat baker. Rulers and cooking are things that don’t go together as far as I am concerned. They still have the potential to weld themselves to the tray, but at least the tray is an easier shape to remove them from.

DSCF4559According to the recipe, which came from my Mum (but I think originally came from Lorraine Pascale), they should have a maple syrup glaze but mine are going in the freezer until required so I might do that afterwards….. if I remember…… Or they might just get a dusting of icing sugar.

Today has been a busy cooking day with a bit of cleaning thrown in. Tonight Grandma and Grandad P have arrived and small boys are very excited about that. Big J has made chocolate brownies. Tomorrow they have a gingerbread house to decorate and I usually get them both making some homemade truffles. Ooooooo it’s so exciting!!!! Still lots to do though so I’m off to get wrapping. How are your preparations going? Are you all organised or a little bit behind like me? There are never enough hours in the day!


11 thoughts on “Mincemeat Stars.

    • Lol! This is the only thing I have ever baked using a ruler… It’s just wrong. Highly doubtful about the domestic goddess bit… Waiting to see which part of the meal I totally forget to cook this year on Christmas Day 😀 (doesn’t being a domestic goddess involve cocaine now??).

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