Weekend Madness… Part 2.

Hello again, here I am back with more news of our incredibly exciting weekend.

First of all the highlight of the Festival of Light…… Pixelpyros….

Big and Little J enjoying Pixelpyros

Big and Little J enjoying Pixelpyros.

Not sure if you can make it out, but that is a photo of Big J and Little J interacting with the Pixelpyros installation. Billed as digital, interactive fireworks, you had to wave your hand in front of a spot to set off your firework. The boys also played a gigantic game of space invaders while there too but I have no photos of that bit because I had to get involved!! The images were projected onto a huge cloth screen on the side of a building. It was brilliant. There are lots of photos so I am going to put them in a slide show for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And all of that was only Friday night! On Saturday we had the school Winter Fayre where I had to help by face painting. After that we went pottery painting as the boys had asked to do it with Grandma. It was as enjoyable as when we went in the summer with both boys (not to mention the adults) getting thoroughly involved in painting their “pots”. I forgot to take my camera with us but I will show you the results when we have collected. On Sunday Mr P and Little J had the Beavers Christmas Party to go to and the rest of us visited BigLittleBro.  We didn’t manage to go to the usual Karate and Swimming lessons, or get to the Christmas Tree Festival in the next village where the cubs and beavers had decorated trees, but we did get the most important things done.

This weekend we have been to get our tree and decorated it. Big J had a sleepover at a friends house and today we have finished the Christmas shopping. Well, I think we have…. fingers crossed. This next week is looking very busy with lots of concerts to go to, a trip to the theatre and Christmas parties. Thankfully it is the last week of term….. Yay! Right now I am enjoying The Great British Sewing Bee Christmas Special. What are you up to this week??


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