Weekend Madness…. Part 1.

Well, what a weekend we have had! It has been wonderful. We managed to do all the important things and only missed the less important ones which is quite impressive considering how busy its been.

Friday started rather unusually with Mr P returning home, after having set off for work, because he had been knocked off his motorbike by an unobservant car driver. He is fine but was rather shaken and bruised. The bike was still working but needs several repairs which will hopefully be covered by the insurance. Needless to say we are all VERY thankful things were not worse.

Grandma and Grandad P arrived after school and we got wrapped up with hats and gloves and headed out to the Festival of Light. This year the theme was interactivity.

First we visited St Peter’s gardens to see Chorus, an installation of kinetic sound sculptures. Photography is a bit of a challenge at the festival and this is the best I could manage….



Not sure you can make out what is happening in that picture, but follow the links if you want more information. The boys enjoyed wandering among the huge tripods and listening to the different sounds they made and how the “music” changed as you moved from one part of the gardens to another.

Next stop was the food and drink market where Big J was adventurous and enjoyed a zebra burger! I had a mighty fine chickpea curry – nom! Whilst eating our tea we enjoyed watching the Dragon float past.

Handmade Parade Dragon

Handmade Parade Dragon

From there we went to St George’s Square to see Marling, a voice activated light show.



To make the lasers move and change colour you had to sing, shout and make a noise. There was a group of ladies singing and the majority of other people were being very English and reserved so the lasers weren’t doing a lot until Mr P started off a round of werewolf howls!!! The lasers shone on the dry ice that was being pumped overhead and made a beautiful ceiling of colour, light and movement (also hard to photograph!).

These are the Stilt Batteristas that we enjoyed on Northumberland Street. I love a drumming band. We also saw the Panfire Steelband as we wandered around.

Stilt Batteristas with Handmade Parade Moon and Stars

Stilt Batteristas with Handmade Parade Moon and Stars

We also visited Phosphene in the Lawrence Batley Theatre Courtyard. The boys met some of their friends and were keen to give it a try and leave their shadows behind on the wall in an Egyptian styli…

Big and Little J and their friends making shadows with Phosphene.

Big and Little J and their friends making shadows with Phosphene.

There was one other place we visited, which I think was the highlight of the festival for all of us. I have a lot of photos of that one so I am going to save it for the next blog post. See you soon. X


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