The Marking of Books!

Hello All, how are you today? I’m actually at work! The wonders of technology…. I’m loving the ability to schedule a post for publishing!

It’s a stitchy post today. I’ve been working on these, in rare but short bursts, for a while and now they are finished.

Have a wee look….

DSCF4361I am very pleased with them, they have come out well and were super easy to make. I’ve never tried bookmarks before but they are so simple. I would recommend it to a beginner.

DSCF4366Here’s one with my most favourite book ever. It seems that my little house obsession has been going on a lot longer than I realised!

When I get home tonight I am going to join up with the Woolhogs Christmas Made it Challenge.… Can you believe that Maryanne…. Two months running… Rainbow snow now!!

22 thoughts on “The Marking of Books!

  1. HEHEEE yes, Rainbow snow with cherries on top!!!! WOW, your bookmarks are fantastic!!! Your houses are iconic,and the little tags are just adorable. Well done you clever lady you xxx

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  3. These are really sweet – also so neat! (Always impressed by people who can stitch in a straight line 🙂 this post dropped in to my email inbox at work when it went live and your comment about scheduling it really made me laugh!

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    • That’s the fun bit. I spend ages playing with the teeny bits if fabric, trying different roofs on different houses and with different doors. Love that bit!!

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