Space and Air Required.

It was a very grey, autumn day. We had been cooped up indoors all weekend doing boring stuff like homework and bedroom tidying. We needed out, before the grumps arrived. The boys were a bit reluctant to walk but we NEEDED out so they had to be tempted with toffees.

The first section of the walk we have done many times before… Across the field, past the cows (thank goodness they hadn’t escaped this time!), follow the lane down to the stream. So far so good. A brief play in the stream, then across to the other side. At this point we chose to go a different way, not sure where it would lead.

At first this new path was a bit boring. It was a long, slow climb. The boys were tiring and the toffees had to come out. Then Mr P found a gap in a wall and a new path. Excitement, adventure, new territory to explore and new views to enjoy. Until we joined another path we knew and followed it home to a cosy fire and hot chocolate. No sign of any grumps. Hurrah!


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