Time to get Cosy.

Hello Blog Peeps, how are you all? Did you wonder where I was? Rather disappointingly I wasn’t anywhere interesting, it was just a struggle to get time at the computer to write my posts. But I now have three lined up as I have been saving topics and photos for you. That’s a good feeling.

It was Big Little Bro’s girlfriend’s birthday recently. I was wondering what to give her for a present. I had one idea then Mr P thought of another. While she was visiting recently she put the kettle on to make tea and got all excited about my mug cosy, which lives on the top of the mug tree, and had to use it. Mr P suggested I make one for her and so I did. I had a surf for inspiration and found this. It’s a different shape to the mug cosies I have made before and you know about my button obsession, so it had to be done!

DSCF4380I did spend a very pleasurable morning with all the button tins/boxes/jars trying to decide which to use. I searched and collected and sorted, tried different colourways, different shapes and combinations. I decided that red was best as it stands out so nicely on the pale cream background. Some of these buttons are vintage ones too from Cousin H’s button tin which I wrote about here. I like the cosy without the contrasting coloured border but thought it might make it stand out better on a pale coloured mug with the green around the edge. I had to take photos before I wrapped it up to give to her on Wednesday evening, hence the poor quality lighting.

DSCF4370She was very pleased and said she would take it to work, having just broken her work mug. I also gave her one of my completed bookmarks but I will show you those in another post.

I am going to join up with Woolhogs November Made It Challenge (yes, I know Maryanne… that will be pink snow outside!!). Hop over there to see some truely amazing creations. The standard seems to get higher every month.

In other crochet news I am over halfway with edging all the CAL blocks again in the pale green. I’m enjoying it. Its simple and I can do it mindlessly while  watching tv and recovering from a busy day. I’m also getting a good feeling about it. I think I have made the right decision with my joins and its getting closer to what I imagined the finished blanket to look like. I do need to order more yarn again though to complete the joining and for the border…. hmmmm… what colour for that, I wonder????

23 thoughts on “Time to get Cosy.

  1. Hello Sis,

    That monkey of mine loves her mug hug and bookmark very much! Brownie points for personal, unique handmade birthday presents. You put me to shame! The mug hug is especially pretty, and I know that it will see lots of use…

    Hope to see you, Mr P and the 2 J’s soon x

  2. The mug cosy is really beautiful-a good universal mug shaped design. My husband gets annoyed with me as I never finish a cup of tea (as it always goes cold) so I should probably make one of these. Jean x

    • I would recommend keeping it on the tight side so it doesn’t slip up and down. I used DK and in the past I have used cotton. Perhaps cotton is better because it doesn’t stretch so much?

      • I suppose cotton would keep its shape better. I’ve thought of a tea drinking friend that would probably love this for Christmas.

  3. I was just wondering last night what you’ve been up to! This is a lovely mug hug (I’ve not heard that phrase before, but I’m so going to start calling them that now!). I’ve been wanting to dabble in mug hugs but it just hasn’t made it to the top of the project list yet. Cool buttons!

  4. Oh my goodness, there’s PINK snow everywhere!! heehee YAY Trish, it’s beautiful! I love that you’ve used the buttons as flowers – stunning gift! So happy to have you back xxx

  5. Pingback: November Made It – A happy Jumper and a flower Cozy, topped off with some ripply stripy Blankets! | woolhogs

    • Thankyou. My favourite is the curved, flower shaped button in the middle, with pointy petals. Luckily I have more of those buttons. Can imagine they might stick in your hand while holding the mug though!!

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