Flapjack…. or not?

Hello All, how are you? We’ve been baking again, as you can see. LJ has been eating flapjack at school as part of his school lunch and watched a kids cooking program the other day and was inspired, soooo…. we had to make some.

This recipe is a Pinterest inspired thing and actually started out as No-Bake Chewy Granola Bars. For some reason I find proper baked flapjack tricky. It either ends up all crumbly or too hard and chewy. One day I will crack it but until then these will do fine. If you have a fantastic recipe that is chewy and buttery and never fails please let me know.

We followed the original recipe but adding cornflakes instead of rice crispies, because that is what we had in the cupboard. (I have also made this substituting golden syrup for the honey too and it works fine.) We also added a full cup of raisins as our “interesting” ingredient.

After all that LJ decided he didn’t like the raisins, he would prefer it plain and more like it is at school (not sure what school’s is like never having had it!). Big J thinks it would be nice with some nuts. I really like the coconut in it. Mr P likes it too. I did make it with chocolate chips before which was yummy but neither boy liked it (are they mad?)!!! The chocolate chips melted because the toffee mixture was still hot which was not the effect I was going for, but not unpleasant. I might add them after the toffee mix next time! What would you add as your “interesting” ingredient???


13 thoughts on “Flapjack…. or not?

  1. Children can be funny. 🙂 I would add dried apricots cut in small pieces as a change from the raisons. I haven’t made flapjacks for ages maybe I should try and see if they come out alright. Putting extra ingredients in would make them more likely to fall apart I suspect.

    • Yes, I love apricots and that’s what I would choose but the boys aren’t keen! Maybe with some dark chocolate chips… Mmmmmmm! Perhaps if you swap an equivalent amount of oats they would hold together??

  2. Wow, another culture lesson! Here a flapjack is more like a pancake. I’m really not at all familiar with your sort, so I went and did a little reading online. Now I want to try some.

  3. I’m with you on the making flapjacks front – no matter what recipe I try, I can’t get them to come out right either. I’ve now given up trying to cook them, but make Anzac Biscuits instead. They have oats and coconut in them and are a reasonable substitute! I’d use glacé cherries as my “interesting” ingredient.

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