The Pleasures of Hibernation.

‘Ey up Chuck. Ahs tha bin??….. as they say around these parts. (Translation… Hello my dear. How are you?).

I’m relieved we made it through to Saturday once more. Sometimes I’m not sure we’ll get here!

So it’s been a normal Saturday with the usual things going on… Karate, homework, swimming lessons… The morning started dry and bright but things have deteriorated since then with increasing greyness and heavy showers. Wish I had gone out and got a photo of the pretty Acer in the sunshine, but it’s still looking gorgeous in the grey.

I snatched up the opportunity of an hour to myself during Karate to rush upstairs to the sewing machine to continue with my bookmarks. I stitched on the windows then pinned them inside-out to sew down two sides. You can see the first one turned through in the picture below.

The boys have gone to do a few errands and get a haircut so I have lit the fire and moved to the cosiness of the living room to continue my crafting. All I need now to complete my urge to hibernate is a big bar of chocolate, or some tea and cake. But I shall resist the calories…. I’m trying my best to be good this week. Do you have an urge to hibernate?


12 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Hibernation.

  1. Oh, our boys got the hair cut too over here 🙂 While me and my daughter did the weekend groceries. Grey and windy in Denmark too. I live on coffeine…

  2. Chocolate and crafting go together. It’s been cold here in Belfast-gives me an excuse to work on a crochet scarf.

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