Joining and Inventing.

Hello Dear Ones, how are you all today?

In Patchland we are easing gently back into the normal routine before school and work tomorrow. Lots of washing to do, bit of tidying and sorting, generally getting ready for this half term because you KNOW its going to be a mad one.

As the title suggests, I am back with more joining methods for my Cottage Garden CAL Blocks. These first pictures are nothing new, just simple single crochet joins in a variation of colours. I wanted to try them out as I had the feeling that the ones I had previously tried were too fancy.

Then I started wondering if I could actually invent a joining method and I gave it a try. Would you like to see my efforts??

My invented join!

My invented join!

Of course it’s probably been done before, but I haven’t seen it anywhere. If you have let me know.

Here’s what I did… I crocheted another round on the first block using hdc’s (UK terms) in the lighter green. Then I crocheted hdc’s around three sides of the second block in the same colour. Then , on the fourth side, I continued my hdc’s and used a join as you go method by doing a sc stitch through both blocks after every third stitch. Not really rocket science. I think it looks like buttonholes. What do you think???

As for the big decision, well…. I might not use my newly invented join at all! (I am so contrary). My current preference is for single crochet joins in light green. After all that effort, I prefer the simplest, commonest method. (I told you… contrary). I don’t like the dark green, it’s too dark but it does serve to give the predominantly green blocks a distinct edge and stops them merging with the join. That’s it for joining though… no more research. Next up to edge them all (again) in the lighter green and then some blocking to make sure they are all the same size, before finally joining them together. At least now the decision is made I can get on with it. There has been a bit of a crochet drought recently!!


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